Top 3 Reasons Why Men Ejaculate So Fast? Here Are the reasons why…

Have you ever wondered why you seem to ejaculate super fast? And some men can go for an hour or more? Have you ever been embarrassed and feel disappointed of yourself because you wanted to last longer during intercourse, but can’t control the emotion?

Well, it’s not your fault. And you are not alone. Studies have shown that as many as 1 out of 3 men say they experience premature ejaculation at some point in their life.

According to World Health Organization (WHO)’s definition of premature ejaculation – the occurrence of ejaculation before or soon after the beginning of intercourse within 15 seconds.

Here are the reasons why men ejaculate so fast…

Reason #1 Why Men Ejaculate so Fast? Procreation

Why Men Ejaculate Fast Procreation

The reason why men ejaculate so quickly is because of procreation. And that’s the main reason why men naturally comes first before women. It ensures the seed is planted in woman’s uterus for procreation.

Speaking of animal kingdom, most mammals can ejaculate within 3-15 seconds due to prospect of sexual competition and this leads to premature ejaculation.

However, every man is different, some men can hold up to one hour while others can cum easily prior or without vaginal penetration.

So why men ejaculate quickly? It is because they have a highly responsive somatic nervous system that controls their ejaculatory responses, which is wired into their DNA for procreation.

Younger men are more likely to experience early ejaculation due to lack of sexual experience and early exposure to pornography. Most of them are prone to have a very excitable, nervous system that is primed to ejaculate so quickly for lack of control.3 Steps Stamina Banner

Young men put a strong emphasis on sexual performance and virility, however, few young men doesn’t know much about the art of lovemaking. And this causes performance anxiety, which makes the nervous system more excitable and prone to premature ejaculation. When men are unable to perform, it is seen as a slur on their masculinity and sense of identity.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation: Biological & Psychological Causes that Every Man Should Know

Meanwhile, internet pornography causes erectile dysfunction in younger men   and approximately 90% of men watches porn as a form of sexual education. Porn-style all-genital sex education cements premature ejaculation in younger men, which usually becomes a conditioned reflex that can last a lifetime of sexual dysfunction.


Reason #2 Why Men Ejaculate So Quickly? Weak PC Muscle


why men ejaculate quickly weak pc muscle

Weak PC muscle or pelvic floor muscle is one of the major cause why men ejaculate so fast…

When a man is about to ejaculate, the penis emits pre-cum – a lubricant substance that comes from the stimulation of Cowper’s gland also called Bulourethral gland.

PC muscle is responsible for the stimulation of the Cowper’s gland that emits precum by contracting and remaining contracted. Precum contains PGE-2, a compound that induces ejaculation by setting off orgasm.

Quick orgasmic reaction is a consequence of over stimulation of the Cowper’s gland, which happens by flexing the PC muscles.

When a man weakened or damaged the pelvic floor muscle, he tends to ejaculate so early leaving his partner unsatisfied. Premature ejaculation occurs when the muscles in the pelvic are affected by an illness (prostate problem), injury or too much Kegeling.

Another sign of a weak PC muscle is that a man dribble after urination and often get a little leak when sneezing or coughing. So all of these bladder symptoms are all related to muscle fiber tear due to over stretching, old age, prostate problems, constipation, and too much weight lifting.

The good news is that you can strengthen your PC muscle by doing simple Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises, is proven technique on how to last longer in bed or delay premature ejaculation. Like any other muscles, when you trained them every day, it gets stronger and eventually can able to hold whenever you want.

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Reason #3 Why Men Ejaculate So Fast? Lack of Serotonin

Why men ejaculate so fast lack serotonin

The levels of serotonin in your body performs a huge role in  your ejaculatory control system. Studies have shown that depletion of serotonin level can cause premature ejaculation. However, if you tend to have an increased level of serotonin you would have better control over your ejaculation.

In fact, men who have taken SSRIs (anti-depressant medication) reported trouble getting an ejaculation. Unfortunately, anti-depressant medications may also cause erectile dysfunction in the long run.

If you want to increase your serotonin levels in your brain and spine, always look for natural and alternative sources like exposure to sunlight and taking herbal alternative such as Grifonnia Seed Extract. Grifonnia is a herbal supplement designed to increase level of serotonin, which you can buy in your health food store.

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