Does Smoking Weed Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

We all know that cigarette smoking is the number one bad habits causing erectile dysfunction in men. And as marijuana legalization for recreational and medical purposes is becoming a reality, many men are asking if long-term effects of marijuana use cause erectile dysfunction or the inability to achieve an instant erection on command.  Men often can’t get hard when high and blame the use of marijuana. Does smoking weed really cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

In this article, we focus in on one of the most controversial topics out there and explore both sides of the argument.

Smoking weed is something which more people than you’d think so, although not every tends to publicize that they do due to the fact in certain parts of the world, it’s illegal.

There are many benefits to smoking weed, and there are some downsides to smoking weed. Weed, in general, is a very controversial topic although the main aspect of it that we’re going to focus in on today is how smoking weed can have an impact on your sexual performance.

How Does Weed Affect You Sexually?

rhp-drinkingcocktail-336x280The first thing that I’d like to touch on (no pun intended) is how smoking weed while having sex mixes together. This specific topic is less controversial, although there are some disagreements around this area.

Now, one of the most common reasons for people smoking weed is in order to deal with their depression or anxiety. Smoking weed has shown results in lessening the symptoms which are caused by these illnesses and thus, from a medical standpoint it can be very useful and can stop patients from filling up their body’s with unnecessary drugs.

Bear with me a moment though. Smoking weed somewhat “numbs” the body from feeling the symptoms caused by these illnesses, right? So by using similar logic, smoking weed and having sex would lessen the pleasure induced by sex. Following on from this, if you are to smoke weed before having sex, you may struggle to get aroused because of the relaxed state that you are in.

However, on the other hand, the relaxed state that you are in will allow you to focus more on enjoying yourself and having fun with your partner rather than have needless worries. In a way, these things may cancel one another out and you will notice no difference in your sexual activity.

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“The idea that smoking weed makes men last longer in bed is probably a load of nonsense. We cannot rule out the possibility that this drug simply alters men’s perception of time.” – Justin Lehmiller Ph.D.

From this we can gather than Justin does not believe smoking weed will have a noticeably positive impact on men lasting longer while having sex.


does smoking marijuana cause erectile dysfunction


As mentioned above, anxiety is one of the most common reasons for smoking weed and it has become one of the primary ways of dealing with anxiety, second to none other than medication.

Anxiety and sex can go hand in hand with a lot of men will worry that they won’t be able to sexually satisfy their partner. These series of anxious thoughts lead to issues in the bedroom which can not only be humiliating but can damage a man’s self-esteem.

Smoking weed can relax a man’s nerves and allow them to focus in on having fun with their partner and simply enjoying themselves, without having to worry about any unrealistic expectations or worrying that they cannot satisfy their partner.


One of the issues with erectile dysfunction is that in order for men to get aroused, they have to be relaxed. If they aren’t relaxed, they will struggle to get an erection and won’t have an enjoyable time, nor will their partner enjoy themselves.

In this aspect, smoking weed is able to help with erectile dysfunction as it is able to help men relax and forget about any issues that they are having, but rather focus on having sex.


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The Negatives?

I like to think of the negative aspects of smoking weed as non-existent, although on the other hand, you can consider them to be very “decisive” as they can differ per person.

By this, I mean that while some people may think weed can be a fantastic way to relax and forget about your worries, to others they may think that weed makes you too relaxed. In terms of erectile dysfunction, there are some people who will push weed away even if they are having relaxation issues. This is because they want the emotional connection to be “real” with their partner and if they are smoking weed beforehand, the relationship is somewhat fake. Of course, very little number of people see it from this angle.

To Conclude…

To conclude all that we’ve discussed and looked into above, in my humble opinion everyone has different reactions to smoking weed.

Some people get anxiety from smoking weed while others smoke weed in order for them to maintain and lessen the effects of their anxiety. Similar to this, some people are affected by erectile dysfunction because of the fact that they smoke weed while there are others who smoke weed in order to feel less pressure in the bedroom and deal with their erectile dysfunction in a way that they see fit.

All in all, I believe that everyone has different reactions to smoking weed and while in some cases there are people who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to the fact that they smoke weed, there are just as many people who don’t. It depends on the person.

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