How to Use a Penis Extender Properly?

We are living in the epitome of digital aggrandizement, and certainly there isn’t a thing that doesn’t have a solution; be it the size of our penis.

Since the primitive times, men have been correlating their masculinity with the size of their penis, and for some reason, this isn’t any wrong; after all, we all know: The bigger, the better it is—at least that’s how it works for your self-confidence, which is necessary to perform better in bed.

Penis extender is an amazing device that could help you get results in terms of penis length. It is also an excellent traction device for Peyronie’s disease. So if you have bent penis, it is highly recommended to get a penis extender as it’s the only natural method to straighten penis. 

Penis Extenders—How Do They Work?

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The idea behind penis extenders is very simple: Put the penis tissues under pressure and they will acclimate to more surface area. This constant tension is created by using a controlled traction force on the penis’s shaft, resulting in the cells to divide and multiply.

This leads to natural rebuilding – lengthens the penis naturally. This is the same phenomenon that’s used in the gym for weight training where muscles are put under intense pressure.

Using A Penis Extender

If you have already got a penis extender for yourself, it’s important that you understand how to use them, after all, it’s your penis that we are talking about. Penis extenders are a bliss if used properly, but without knowing how to use them, they could also backfire. It’s no rocket science though; you just have to be careful with not causing any undue tension.

  1. To start off, ensure that your penis is semi erect and dry.
  2. Pass your penis through the plastic ring at the base.
  3. Adjust the comfort pad on your penis head and pull down the loop to secure your penis head.
  4. Modify the traction level to increase/decrease the tension. This is an important part. Don’t over-stretch; it would just do more harm than good.
  5. Now, you just have to place the extender on your penis’s end. Once done, use the brace to stretch your penis.

Safety tips

Tips are great especially if they are about the safety of your penis. Remember the following to avoid/reduce injuries or accidents:

  1. Get a strap that you are comfortable with.
  2. Don’t try to overdo with the stretching;
  3. However, make sure that the strap puts a reasonable amount of tension on the shaft; the tension should be there, but it must be bearable.
  4. If you are new to penis extenders, make sure you aren’t using it for more than four hours in a single go.
  5. Don’t use the extender while you are sleeping as it could cause accidental injuries (the extender can get stuck in the blanket).
  6. Take a day off every week to ensure that the penis tissues recover quicker.

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