Penis Enlargement: Understanding How PE Works

When we think of penis enlargement, we think of the spam emails we get in our message boxes each day which we quickly delete. Male enhancement is the topic of late night infomercials, and advertisement you find in dirty magazines. Despite this, there is some truth to penis enlargement because you can control the size.

Here’s what you need to understand about penis enlargement.

Common Types of Penis Enlargement 

You can grow the size of your penis, it’s not impossible. It does take a lot of time, however, to see real results. The average penis size is about 5-6”. 

  • Male Enhancement Exercises  – There are certain exercises you can do such as jelqing and stretching, which increase the size of your penis. There is a bit of risk to this method, but you can get results permanently if done properly. 
  • Lotions, Herbs, Supplements – These aren’t as effective as exercises, but can work longer-term.
  • Penis Enlargement Surgery – The most effective method, but it’s the costliest and riskiest method of enlarging the penis. If it’s not done correctly, you can damage your penis permanently. 

How to Enlarge the Penis?

internal structure of the penisTo enlarge the penis, you need a few things. It’s not an easy thing to do so you have to accept the fact that you need:

  • A lot of time
  • A lot of effort
  • Dedication to the task

The enlargement process is much like muscle building for the rest of the body. The tissues of the and corpus cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum are subjected to micro tears and they need to repair themselves. This is done by new cell growth and over time, you get a larger penis.

Many places around the world stretch and grow various parts of the body. Penis enlargement is no different than this. As you get new cells in the penis, you have more girth and penis length.

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Are There Any Methods To Enlarge The Penis Naturally?PE_Bible_Banner

There are a lot of methods to enlarge your penis naturally, but it takes time and dedication to get permanent result.

1. Penis Exercises

  • Jelqing – This is a basic exercise for natural penile enlargement. A milking-like motion is used on the penis. These forces nutrient-rich blood into the penis while it stretches which increase the size both length and girth. 
  • Kegel – It was originally designed for women also known as muscle control, but a man can strengthen their PC or pubococcygeus muscles. These muscles support the angle of the erection and control the orgasm. Kegel exercises also improve blood flow to the penis as well as prevent premature ejaculation. 
  • Compression – This type of exercise stresses the penis tissues so there’s new cell growth and enlargement. These exercises work well if you want more girth in the penis.
  • Stretching – This type of exercise stresses the penile tissues so there are micro-tears which occur. New tissues grow and the size of the penis grows along with this. If you want more length in the penis, then stretching exercises can work.

2. Penis Enlargement Devices

There are mechanical devices you can use along with exercises to grow the penis. These fall into the categories of extenders, weights, and penis pumps.

  • Penis Extenders 

    These devices are traction style devices and there are various designs. The extender increases tension on the shaft of the penis so there are micro-tears that take place in the cells. When the cells are rebuilt, there’s more penis size. The devices do fit comfortably and can be worn throughout the day if you wish.

  • Hangers and Weights 

    You can also use weights and hangers for penis enlargement. The traction is caused by the weights which are hung from the penis and gravity takes effect. It’s the same physiological process that the extender causes. If you hang weights from the penis, over time you’ll get more length.

  • Penis Pumps 

    These devices use vacuum pressure to enlarge the size of the penis. There’s much different design you can find. A cylinder goes over the penis and a pump is used to create a vacuum around the penis in the tube. Blood is then forced into the penis so it gets bigger. Penis pumps are often used with cock rings for men that have problems with erections

Penis Enlargement Pills and Lotions

There are many herbal supplements and lotions on the market for penis enlargement.  Male enhancement supplements can temporarily improve the blood flow to the penis so it gets harder and bigger. The main drawback is many herbs and supplements do absolutely nothing and are a waste of money.

There are some, however, that do work for the short-term, but longer-term gains are difficult. Some herb shave side effects or even health risks which must be addressed before a supplement is taken. It’s important to take safe supplements for penis enlargement

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgery is a drastic method to enlarge the penis, but this method is permanent and it does work. The most gains will be in the flaccid state of the penis and not the erect state. When you have the surgical option done, ligaments that attach the inner penis to the pubic bone are severed so you have a longer penis. This is because the inner penis will slip forward.

To get more girth in the penis, fat will be injected under the skin of the penis shaft or a cellular matrix sheet is used to wrap around the penis shaft.  You can also have glandular enhancement where the head of the penis is made larger which is done through the injection of fat material.

There are some risks with penile surgery which can include:

  • Loss of the erection angle
  • Erectile dysfunction may occur
  • There may be nerve damage
  • Other complications

Deciding on the Right Enlargement Method

There’s a lot of personal factors you have to consider when it comes to penis enlargement. You nee dot have time, dedication, and in some cases a lot of money to spend on the process to work effectively. Some methods such as surgery are complicated and can have a lot of risks. Other methods such as pills may not work at all or the results can be minimal.

Penis Enlargement BenefitsPEBible_Banner4

There are some benefits to penis enlargement such as:

  • More self-confidence in the bedroom – When you have enlargement done it can correct a lot of self-confidence issues you may have had which can result in more intimacy and better sex.
  • More Size and Girth – penis enlargement will increase the size and girth of your penis.
  • Better Penis Health– Exercises can improve the health of the penis since they force nutrient-rich blood into the penis.

Drawbacks to Penis Enlargement

  • Time – It takes s a lot of time for penis enlargement methods to actually work. Many will quite before the method has a chance to work for them.
  • Commitment – Methods like penis exercises take a lot of commitment to make the technique actually work for you.
  • Money – Some methods are very expensive like male enhancement surgeries and penis gadgets. Pills and male enhancement supplements can also be very expensive as you need to keep buying them for maintenance. 
  • Complications – Surgery options can cause not only complication with your penis but other health complications. Pills and supplements may have side effects that need to be addressed.


There are psychological benefits as well as physical benefits to penis enlargement. You need a lot of dedication and time for these methods to work for you. It takes time to get in shape and healthy, so the same can be said for penis enlargement.

Surgery is an option, but there are many risks. For most men, there are other options available which carry less risk than surgery does. For permanent gain results, exercises are the best option along with supplements and penis enlargement devices.

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