Top Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Bigger Dick

If you are checking out this article you must be interested in how a larger dick can make your life better. We have come up with some compelling reasons why having a big penis can enhance the quality of your life and relationships beyond the bedroom so with that in mind now would be a great time to take the plunge.

No Such Thing as a One Size Fits All Dick

Penis Enlargement Bible 336X280There is an adage “it is not the gun but the gunner” which is used to make men with average or smaller than average dicks to feel like they have the ability to satisfy a woman. While most women out there may say that size does not matter it really does. These women do not have the lady balls to tell you to your face that they want to feel the girth of a throbbing, hard dick they really do and it can make or break your relationship!  If you do not believe this premise you could simply do a search or look on blogs dedicated to relationship issues frequented by women and dick size is going to come up quite often so don’t believe the hype, dick size does matter so having a big dick should be something you really focus on.

This does not mean you can simply unzip your pants and expect miracles, technique is important and also stamina, a woman can usually accept a “minute man” from time to time but you really have to make sure she gets her cookies otherwise she will lose interest.

Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Bigger Dick: Superiority to Other Men

Having a Bigger Dick Means You Are Superior to Other Men

reasons why men needs bigger dick


It’s a dog eat dog world out there. As a man you have to compete with other men if you want to get access to the best quality women out there and there are a few ways men compete.

  • One way is who has the most money but we have to be realistic, not everyone of us born with a silver spoon in our mouth or  will be as rich as Bill Gates but who wants to be like him with his pasty skin and limp noodle!
  • Another way men will compete is with muscles but who has time to lift weights and eat raw eggs so the last way is the one that matters which is dick size.

There is nothing more satisfying than looking down between your legs at the source of your manhood, your penis has it’s own name whether you call it Flesh-Rod, SchlongTallywhacker, Wiener, or Willy so no matter what you named it the reality is that if you have a huge dick you are a real man in the most primitive sense and that is what really matters when push comes to shove or in this case when thighs come to thrust the larger your dick the happier you and your partner will be.

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This rule of having a large dick applies to both hetero and homo sexuals so we hope those who are members of the LBGT community do not feel left out, everyone needs loving.

Additional Benefits Linked to Having a Bigger Dick

We touched (pun intended) on why having a larger dick help you be a better lover but we are just scratching the surface. As a man your success is directly connected to your overall confidence, one of the primary insecurities that men have is worrying their dick is not large enough because we all want to satisfy our sexual partner/s and to do that you need to pack the right equipment.

When you have a bigger dick your woman is going to respect you as a man and since you are a man it gives her the ability to be a woman. Men who have small dicks are usually needy and try to talk about their feelings and essentially turn into a girlfriend instead of being a man and taking your woman when you want her. If you did a blind study asking women whether they prefer a small or big dick some may say they like a small dick because they don’t have to worry about any pain the next day the majority of women love to have a huge shaft to stroke and suck while working up for the climax which is actual penetration. There is nothing quite like going deep and feeling her quiver knowing you are reaching parts of her that no man has reached before! Some people may think this is sexist and to some it may be but these are individuals who aren’t getting laid so who cares what they have to say.

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With Great Dicks Comes Great Responsibility

With a huge dick you are going to be naturally confident so women are going to be drawn to the man who knows what he wants, this is why guys with big dicks get more ass than a toilet seat! In your professional career the people around you are going to take you seriously because you don’t have to be “nice” to fit in and excel, your big dick is going to give you all the confidence you need to reach your full potential but you have to carpe de dick, ok that is not a correct reference but you catch the drift.

Since you have a large dick you owe it to every small dick man out there to satisfy women who want something the smaller guys can’t deliver. This topic will inspire debate however if a person has doubts about whether having  big dick really matters take a look around you, every man who drives a big truck is usually packing a small dick in his jeans so he compensates with material things. Guys who have the goods don’t worry about compensating they let their dick do the talking.

If you want to be confident and reach your full potential in and out of the bedroom then you need a bigger dick, the good news is there are options available to you but you have to take the first step towards being the most confident version of yourself. Do it for yourself, do it for the women in your life but remember it is better to do it with a bigger dick!

How Can I Make My Dick Bigger?

Let’s be honest, penis size is an important aspect of any man’s life whether they want to admit it or not. The market is flooded with products and solutions that claim to have the answer to making your dick bigger, but usually these products fail to deliver. Luckily, I happened to come across what might be the “Holy Grail of Penis Enlargement”, it’s written by this guy named John Collins and it’s called the Penis Enlargement Bible.

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