11 Things That Are Unknowingly Killing Your Erections and Stealing Your Manhood

In this article, we take a look at some of the most common reasons for men having trouble with their erections and how to deal with this issue effectively.

Erections aren’t something which everyone is comfortable talking about and that’s completely understandable. Because of how uncomfortable it can be, going to a doctor is often out of the question thus, when it comes to having problems with achieving an erection it’s in your best interest to look at some solutions which you can work on yourself.

With that in mind, today we are going to be looking at some of these solutions, all of which you can take into your own hands and deal with in a way which you feel most appropriate. So, let’s jump right in!

Killing Erection #1 – Lack of Sleep

killing erections lack of sleepAs we all know, when it comes to our sexual health testosterone plays a crucial part of it. In fact, it is a crucial part of your general health too.

You see, testosterone is a hormone which is used to develop your body as well as maintain your sexual healthy.

Erections are achieved through testosterone and the majority of your testosterone is produced while you’re asleep.

Studies have shown that by maintaining a sleeping pattern of 5 or less hours a night, your testosterone production can decrease by up to 15%. If you’ve got bad sleeping habits, better yourself and get the full 8 hours.

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Killing Erection #2 – Too Much Time Spent Indoors

killing erections lack of vitamin D

Are you someone who likes to hide away from society and stay indoors as much as possible? Get out and about more often!

Vitamin D, next to Vitamin C, is one of the most important Vitamins that you must maintain a healthy intake of.

In more recent years, a connection between Vitamin D and erectile dysfunction has been discovered.

According to Marc Sorenson and William B. Grant of Dermato Endocrinology have stated that:

“We hypothesize that by optimizing serum Vitamin D levels by either an increase in sunlight exposure or the use of Vitamin D supplements, a delayed onset of erectile dysfunction can be achieved.”

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Killing Erection#3 – The Danger of Hair Loss Supplements and Prostate Enlargement Drugs to Your Manhood

Survive In Bed Reversing EDHair loss supplements, in my humble opinion, are a risky thing to take. On top of the health risks that come with them and the fact that there is no guarantee that they’ll work, they can actually have a negative impact on your testosterone production and thus, impact your ability to achieve an erection.

Similarly, if you take medication for an enlarged prostate, due to how this medication has an effect on your testosterone production it also affects your testosterone production.

Killing Erection #4 – Anxiety Medications

killing erections anxiety drugs

Image: WebMd

This is a hard one to deal with, understandably. Depression and anxiety are the two most common mental illnesses out there; to the extent of over 50% of Americans suffering from at least one of them.

If you suffer from either of these and take medication to help you deal with it, you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

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My advice here would be that if you only have mild anxiety or depression, try dealing with them using self-help methods such as meditation or steadily working out.

If your case of these aren’t mild, I would advise against stopping your medication.

Here is the list of drugs that cause erectile dysfunction that you should know.

Killing Erection #5 – Using Laptop on Lap

killing erections using laptop

Image: Gizmodo

Although their name tells you otherwise, you should avoid using your laptop while it is on your lap.

It’s uncommon to find a laptop which isn’t equipped with Wi-Fi nowadays and because of this, laptops generate an “electromagnetic radiation”. This can cause erectile dysfunction.

The heat generated over the scrotal area not only can lower down the sperm production, but also can fry your sperm resulting into male infertility.

If you insist on placing your laptop on your lap, place a pillow or a piece of wooden lap desk on your lap to prevent overheating issues. This won’t eliminate the issue although will lessen it.

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Killing Erection #6 – Carrying Your Cell Phone in Your Pocket

killing erections placing mobile phones in pocket

For similar reasons to use a laptop while it’s on your laptop, carrying your cell phone around while it’s in your pocket not only can cause erectile dysfunction, but also can damage your sperm count.

In theory, your cell phone will do more damage due to how a cellular signal as well as a Wi-Fi signal is being emitted.

If you have a jacket pocket or a backpack, it’s a good idea to store it away in there.

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Killing Erection #7 – Drinking Bottled Water

killing erections bottled water with bpa

This one may seem fairly silly considering a fairly high number of people drink bottled water on a daily basis, but don’t let that fool you.

While there are chemicals in the water itself, the issue in this case is the bottle itself.

The bottles, which are used to store bottled water are made with a chemical known as bisphenonal-A (BPA) which is known to increase the chance of erectile dysfunction.

Men who are exposed to a large amount of BPA substance has a higher risk of sexual problems, according to a study conducted in China as per reported by the CNN.

BPA has been  linked to a numerous health concerns such as brain damage, birth defects, obesity, prostate cancer, early puberty, and hyperactivity (ADHD).

 My advice to you would be to get your hands on a free BPA water bottle and fill it up when needed.

This avoids the need for crappy plastic bottles, which are made with cheap and unhealthy chemicals.

Killing Erection #8 – Holding ATM / Grocery Receipts

Admittedly, this is a strange one even though it’s something that everyone will have done regularly. The ink which the majority of supermarkets and ATM’s are fitted with is cheap and should not come in contact with your skin.

One of the chemicals which are used in this ink is bisphenonal-A, a chemical which is typically used in female hormonal medication. Men’s bodies aren’t equipped to deal with estrogen and with this chemical, you will struggle to get an erection.

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Killing Erection #9 – Too Much Running

Exercise is good for you, no doubt about it. The issue here is working at it too hard.  If you are exercising more than you should be, which is something you’ll be able to figure out on your own, then you are decreasing your testosterone production.

This can be confusing as most of us are under the impression that exercise can be used as a way to increase testosterone production, which is true!

However, running 40 or more miles each week can lower down your testosterone levels by as much as 17%, according to a research from the University of British Columbia.

The fact of the matter is that if you overdo it and exercise too much, you’re going to be pedalling backwards.

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Killing Erection #10 – Worrying Too Much

killing erections worried manNo good comes out of worrying and to overly worry only worsens the effects. Stress, anxiety, depression, and anything that can factor into worrying, all have an impact on your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

Furthermore, the pressure which men feel to perform in bed can often relate to this.

Sex is all about you and your partner not only further bonding your relationship, but having fun together.

Do your best to relax and have a good time.

Killing Erection #11 – Trying for a Baby

When you and your partner are trying for a baby, it can be stressful. For some, it’s very easy to impregnate. For others, it can take months if not years for a successful conception. This can be a very stressful experience to go through.

As mentioned above, both stress and anxiety can heavily contribute to erection problems so try your best to relax and remember that if all goes well, you’ll have a little version of you running around soon!

To conclude…

Struggling to get an erection is frustrating, there’s no argument about it. However, if you take a look at each of these things and decide whether they may be having a direct impact on you, then you are able to tackle them appropriately.

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