7 Techniques to Defeat Premature Ejaculation & Last Longer in Bed

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If you are ejaculating prematurely before your girlfriend does, you may feel embarrassed and started to hate yourself every time because of it.

There are plenty of factors that caused premature ejaculation.  Premature ejaculation can be biological, psychological or a combination of both.

Most men who have suffered from this phenomenon may often experience other male sexual health issues such as impotence, low-T, and low libido.

The good news is that by treating premature ejaculation, low sex drive and weak erection can be reversed as a side effect of these techniques to beat premature ejaculation.

The following techniques will prove to defeat premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.


Technique to Last Longer in Bed #1: Honing Ejaculation Frequency

Techniques to last longer in bed - ejaculation frequency

Ejaculation frequency by age

Normally, the frequency of ejaculation per month decreases as you age.  And most of you need more stimulation to trigger ejaculation. In addition, ageing also weakens the pelvic floor muscles aka PC muscle, which is responsible for the contraction that triggers an ejaculation. When these muscles weaken, semen dribbles out and orgasms may provide minimal pleasure. If you have weak PC muscles, you are often to ejaculate prematurely.

How often should a healthy man ejaculate per day? 

A young healthy man in his late teens or early twenties can ejaculate often as much as he wants per day. Often times it gets rarely when he gets older. 

It is important to consider age factor when deciding how often should a man ejaculate. The above table is a recommendation to optimize ejaculation frequency.

Ejaculating frequency can help reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer according to a new study. However, frequent masturbation can result in a depletion of sexual energy or sexual exhaustion, which can lead to premature ejaculation or lack of ejaculation control. So always do it in moderation.


Technique to Last Longer in Bed #2: Deep Breathing Technique

Techniques to Defeat Premature Ejaculation & Last Longer in Bed - Deep BreathingMost men who ejaculate too fast simply have no clue the importance of proper breathing during sex. Men who ended up ejaculating prematurely are taking lots of shallow breaths due to the excitement. Shallow breathing due to excitement can actually cause premature ejaculation.

On the other hand,  slow and deep breathing promotes a deep level of calmness and helps your penis to remain harder for a longer time.

How to deep breathing to defeat premature ejaculation?

  • Step 1. Inhale for 3 seconds
  • Step 2. Pause and hold for 3 seconds
  • Step 3. Exhale for 3 seconds
  • Step 4. Repeat the process

Technique to Last Longer in Bed #3: Strengthening the Pelvic Muscles

Techniques to Defeat Premature Ejaculation & Last Longer in Bed - strengthen your pelvic muscleKegel exercises for men is a proven technique to defeat premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. This method of improving ejaculation control helps to strengthen the PC muscles and develop a greater ejaculation stamina.

Ejaculation Guru: The Ultimate Ejaculation Cure To Last Longer In Bed

By contracting the PC muscles regularly, you’ll expect an improvement of erection quality and at the same help with ejaculation control.

How to Locate Your PC Muscle?

The best way to locate the pelvic floor muscle is while you are peeing, try to stop the flow of urine in midstream. That muscle that you feel when you stop your urine is your pelvic floor muscles aka PC muscle.

How to perform Kegel exercises for men?

In every penis exercises that you will do, it is important to warm up first to prevent injury. To warm up, start off with about 100-200 quick clenches, hold it for 1 second and release.

Next try to hold it for 2 seconds, hold the third for 3 seconds, so on and so forth up to 10 seconds for the first set. Repeat this Kegel exercises until you’ve done the 100-200 clenches or more.

Kegel Exercises Technique No.1: Clenches and hold it for 10 seconds increments

Do 30-50 set Kegel contraction at 10 seconds interval then take a short break. This time start at 10 seconds, the next Kegel contraction hold it for 20 seconds, the next hold it for 30, so on and so forth until you reach 1 minute.

Kegel Exercises Technique No.2: Clenches and hold it for 30 seconds increments

This is a little bit advanced. At this time start to clench and hold it for 30 seconds and release. Take a short break. Then start again and hold it for 60 seconds, the third hold it for 1 minute and 30 seconds until 2 minutes.

Don’t forget to take a short break in every set. Once you strengthen the PC muscle, you’ll be able to hold your ejaculation for up to 1 hour or more.

Technique to Last Longer in Bed #4: Positioning To Beat PE

7 Techniques to Defeat Premature Ejaculation & Last Longer in Bed - woman on top

Another way to prolong your ejaculation is to try certain sex position that prevents you from ejaculating prematurely.

Here are some of the positions that will make you last longer in bed and satisfy your partner completely.

  1. Woman On Top – this position allows her to control the sexual activity. You should tell her when you are getting close to ejaculate to take a short break and then continue the activity. This sexual position allows you to take a deep breath while she’s on top making you last longer in bed.
  2. Spooning – this position helps you to slow down premature ejaculation by maintaining a rhythm that is pleasant to both of you. It also gives you access to caress other parts of her body.

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Technique to Last Longer in Bed #5: Stop-and-Start Method7 ways to beat premature ejaculation - stop and start method

Another way to prevent rapid ejaculation is the “stop-and-start technique“, which was introduced by Dr. J. Semans in the late 1950’s.

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This method comes to humping, pumping and stopping until you are just about to cum. You can stop the movement for about 30-60 seconds and ease back into intercourse once the feeling of ejaculating is gone.

You can repeat the stop-and-start method as many times as you like or until you wish to ejaculate.

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Technique to Last Longer in Bed #6: Peeing Before Sex

Technique to Last Longer in Bed - Urinate before sex

This is a no-brainer trick to stop ejaculating prematurely, however,  most guys have overlooked this ancient method. If you empty your bladder prior to having sex, it takes the pressure off your genitals and be able to last longer.

So the next time you are planning to have sex, make sure to go to the washroom first and empty your bladder.


Technique to Last Longer in Bed #7: Eat Like a Porn Star

How to last longer in bed: ejaculation guruEating the right amount of diet can have an important influence to power up your erections and ejaculation control. The diet that has been scientifically proven to improve sexual health is the plant-based, whole-food diet.

A whole-food diet can accelerate recovery from sexual dysfunction, increase levels of testosterone, boost libido, and improve feelings of well-being.

It is highly recommended to eat plenty of high fibre, fresh fruits, whole-grains, root crops, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and other low-fat fares.

Foods that can kill your erections and you must remove in your diet right now including:

  • all processed/canned foods and junk foods
  • GMO containing foods such as canola oil, soy & corn products
  • Sugar or sugary drinks –  soda, processed juices
  • Refined or enriched flour – white bread, cookies, cakes, etc.
  • Alcohol, which inhibits testosterone production
  • Caffeinated drinks, which constrict blood vessels:
    • coffee
    • black and green tea
    • chocolate
    • soda drinks

If you follow some of these simple techniques, you are on your way to defeat premature ejaculation and eventually last longer in bed!


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