How Sunlight Increases Level of Testosterone That Every Man Should Know

As a man, you should know that testosterone is one of the most important hormones in your body. If you don’t already know, it is also important to know that having an adequate level of testosterone is critical to having the best bone density, mental health and energy, hair growth, fat distribution, libido, muscle strength and mass and fertility.

On the other hand, men with low testosterone may like to suffer from:

 If you’ve ever wondered why commercials for drugs like Viagra are so popular, you will discover that it is because a lot of men have low and in some cases very low in testosterone due to their lifestyle or diet.

Even after working out at the gym, some men still find it difficult to gain muscle and a few might notice that there is a decline in their mental energy and erectile performance.

How does Sunlight really boost Testosterone?

Target organs of testosteroneSince low levels of testosterone are detrimental to masculine health, it is evident that high levels of testosterone also lead to increased muscle density, memory, motivation, muscle density and energy. It is then important that you as a man do everything to ensure a healthy level of testosterone in your body.

One of the reasons why sunlight is one of the best testosterone boosters is its link to Vitamin D. In case you were wondering, this is the reason why foods that are rich in Vitamin D are also known as natural testosterone boosters. Asides helping to boost testosterone in men, Vitamin D got from the sun is important in making sure the body is able to absorb calcium. It also helps to boost the body’s immune system.

While a lot of medical practitioners in the world have begun to refer to the deficiency of Vitamin D as one of the biggest deficiencies known to man, the male reproductive tract is one of the major sites where Vitamin D is most needed. This is why to have the best level of testosterone in your body, you also have to ensure that your vitamin D level is at optimum level and one way to do it is sunbathing.

The good news is sunlight which is the most abundant natural element and the main source of energy known to man is able to boost libido in men. The sunlight boosts the libido by helping to increase the level of vitamin D which by extension boosts the testosterone.

Knowing how to sunbathe to improve testosterone levels

Activities To Increase Testosterone Level #6. Optimizing Vitamin DWithout aphrodisiacs or virility drugs, you can improve your testosterone levels by sunbathing. Results of several studies have shown that Vitamin D can be created in the human body just by exposure to the sun’s rays.

This exposure, in essence, leads to a higher sex drive and that is why Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin which can be produced by the human body.

The body can synthesize the necessary vitamin D it needs in a very little time. The time needed for this synthesis when compared to the time it takes to get sunburnt is just a fraction.

While enjoying the sun safely, it is thus important to strike a balance between getting enough vitamin D and taking care not to get sunburnt.

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