How To Get a Solid Erection on Command, Anytime You Want

Have you ever wondered how to achieve an instant erection on command with little stimulation the way it should use to be?

  • Do you suffer from not getting an instant and maintaining an erection on command, an absence of morning wood, and poor erection quality?
  • Do you always use porn and fap to finish it without ever getting fully hard?
  • Do you have the trouble of maintaining an erection for a very long without touching yourself or keeping yourself stimulated?
  • Do you have a difficulty in getting a climax without watching porn?
  • Have you tried to have sex and couldn’t get an erection at all?

If you answeredyesto any of these questions, you may have a problem with “porn-induced erectile dysfunction” (PIED). PIED affects mostly to younger men who grew up in the internet age with unrestricted access to porn sites. 

But it turns out, there’s a way you can dramatically reverse your erection problem and get rock hard, stronger and more sensational erection on command, anytime.

Please keep in mind that there’s a cost to not dealing with this…

If You Don’t Fix Your Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, It Just Getting Worse

3 Steps Stamina- porn secrets to last longerWhat most people do when facing erectile dysfunction (ED) or poor erection quality is seeking out ED medications. For some men, ED medications such as Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra are a quick fix solution just to get an erection on command. But little did they know,  the main problem is in the brain not below the belt. So taking ED meds really didn’t have any effect on them.

Approximately 90% of men are affected by PIED. They are younger. They don’t seek treatment because they feel embarrassed or ashamed if they are unable to get an erection on command.

Taking herbal erection pills can also be dangerous!  That’s what happened to Lamar Odom, who took several “combo erection pills” also known as the “deadly combo pills” that made him confined in the hospital for more than 3 months.

So what is the secret to getting a solid, harder, and sensational erection on command, anytime you want? Here are the tips to get hard fast and stay hard without pills:

Erection on Command Tip#1: Break the habit

 In order to get back your instant erection on command, you’ve got to take some time off from porn. It won’t happen overnight. It may take some weeks to come back your normal erection, even up to a couple of months.

Like breaking any bad habit,  you need to commit to yourself that you gotta quit porn and masturbating entirely for a while.If you want to get back your instant erection anytime, you need to discipline yourself.

This uncontrollable bad habit can numb your brain due to excessive visual stimulation of porn. You’ve probably can’t get an erection without quite a bit of stimulation. It is important to train and reset your brain to be visually stimulated and achieve a solid boner via other means.

21 Best Food For Harder Erection That You Should Eat To Defeat ED

Take action. Start installing add-ons anti-porn blocker on your computer so you won’t be tempted to opening porn sites. Here’s the link: for Chrome click here and for Firefox click here.

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Erection on Command Tip#2: Avoid Stress  

Perhaps the number one public health enemy to erectile dysfunction or weak erection is stress. A scientist has known for years that elevated cortisol level (stress hormone) can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Stress and anxiety may also increase the risk for high blood pressure, weight gain, heart disease and cholesterol.

Some men watch porn on laptop or mobile device to escape from stress or anxiety, while others do it because they have nothing else to do. But a new study from Case Western Reverse University in Cleveland suggests that porn addiction can have an adverse effect on mental health. Researchers found that porn addicts may also experience psychological issues such as depression, anger, and anxiety.

Take action. If you are tempted or feel the urge to watch porn, just stop for a moment and acknowledge the feeling. Take a twenty-minute walk or hit the gym. Prayer and meditation may also help to fight the temptation.

Erection on Command Tip#3: Lifestyle Changes

Rebooting your brain from porn and lifestyle changes help reverse PIED without medication. Although PIED affects the brain of a young man from porn addiction, lifestyle changes may also help restore any erection problem.

Below are some of the various lifestyle risk factors that can make it more difficult for you to get or keep an erection, including:

  • stress
  • poor diet
  • excessive drinking, smoking, and /or drug use
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • psychological issues
Take action. Learn how to meditate and other relaxation technique to relieve stress. Avoid processed foods or junk foods and sugary drinks. Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, using illicit drugs. Cold turkey is a daunting task but it’s the best way to quit forever.

Erection on Command Tip#3: Perform Kegel Exercises

erection on command kegel pelvic muscle anatomy


Doing Kegel exercises help reduce the cravings to masturbate and speed up the return of a healthy erection on command.

Erection By Command: Is This The Fastest Way To Get A Hard On Without Pills?

Kegel exercises also known as pelvic floor exercises were developed by Dr. Arnold H. Kegel as a nonsurgical way to prevent incontinence for both men and women. This penis exercise has been shown to help male sexual health by allowing men’s erections to last longer as well as help with ejaculation control.

How to locate your pelvic floor muscles? 

There are two ways to locate your pelvic floor muscles perfectly.

  1. While urinating, try to stop or slow your urine in midstream. The muscle that corresponds the stoppage of your urine is your pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Pretend you are trying to avoid passing gas. The muscle that you are contracting is your pelvic floor muscles. Did you feel it?

How do you perform pelvic floor or Kegel exercises?

In every penis exercises that you will do, it is important to warm up first to prevent injury. To warm up, start off with about 100-200 quick clenches, hold it for 1 second and release. Next try to hold it for 2 seconds, hold the third for 3 seconds, so on and so forth up to 10 seconds for the first set. Repeat this routine until you’ve done the 100-200 clenches. Don’t forget to take a short break in every set.

Kegel Exercises Technique No.1: Clenches and hold it for 10 seconds increments

Do 30-50 set Kegel contraction at 10 seconds interval then take a short break. This is the same as above, only this time start at 10 seconds, the next Kegel contraction holds it for 20 seconds, the next hold it for 30, so on and so forth until you reach 60 seconds.

Kegel Exercises Technique No.2: Clenches and hold it for 30 seconds increments

This is a little bit advanced. At this time start to clench and hold it for 30 seconds and release. Take a short break. Then start again and hold it for 60 seconds, the third hold it for 1 minute and 30 seconds until 2 minutes.

Take action.The good thing about Kegel exercises is that you can do it for as long as you want. Do the Kegel exercises while driving, reading, or watching TV.

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Restoring your erection quality doesn’t fix things overnight. There are some specific techniques that you should learn in order to control over your erection on command so you can be rock-hard anytime you want.

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