Penis Extender: FAQ, Answered Questions

Got Questions about penis extenders? We have the answers.

Penis extenders are safe to use and offer great results by increasing the girth and length of the penis, but what else do need to know?

Penis Extenders—How Do They Work?

Penis extenders work by increasing the tension on the glans of the penis, extending it away from the base of the pubic area. The rubber portion on the extenders hold the glans in place and uses screws that allow the glans to stay extended in place.

How can I believe that penis extenders work?

The penis, like any other human organ, is comprised of tissues that in-turn are made up of cells. The traction that penis extenders provide allows for the penis to be extended away from the body, thus causing the cells to divide. This cell division grows more tissues and thus leads to longer and even thicker shaft.

What are the suspensor ligaments and how do penis extenders affect them?

The shaft of the penis isn’t the only part that’s affected by the penis extenders; it’s also the suspensory ligaments.

Suspensor ligaments connect the penis to the penis bone. There is a large portion of the penis that’s inside the human body; so when the suspensor ligaments are put under pressure, that part comes out of the body, slowly.

Note that the effect of the penis extender on the suspensor ligaments is minimal, but it still is enough to be appreciated by mostly all men.

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Are there any other benefits/uses of penis extenders?

Penis extenders are also used to treat the Peyronie’s Disease (curving of the penis). Originally, the penis extenders were used to straighten out the curves. It was only then the lengthening and thickening benefits of the penis extenders were discovered. It’s also believed that penis extenders lead to better and firmer erections.

What are are the expected size gains from using a penis extender?

The size gains are largely dependent on each person’s genetics. However, how effectively do you use these devices also make much of the difference? The traction device has to be worn for months before you could start seeing the results; after all, it takes time for the cells to divide and grow.

Many people have gained as much as up to two inches.

Can I injure myself using the penis extenders?

It’s a rarity that’s possible only if you are making a mistake in using a penis extender. Sleeping with the penis extender is one of the biggest mistakes that one can make. Then, some people wear the device for too long, far above the recommended duration, which could also cause some damage. 

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What’s the daily optimal duration to wear penis extenders?

Most penis extenders could be worn for one to fours hours daily, but it’s recommended to take breaks in between. The daily duration could be increased to six hours after a few months of use.

Which is the best penis extender available on the market?

There are different penis extenders that are equally effective, but according to the majority of customer reviews, [X4 Lab] is the best you could get.

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