Penis Massage: Secrets of Getting Stronger and Longer Erections

Penile massage has been used as a natural male enhancement for making the penis bigger and stronger in sexual stamina.

Studies have shown that non-surgical methods of penis enlargement do really work!

In fact, regular massaging of the penis causes the relaxation of the blood vessels, resulting in an increase of blood supply down to the penile tissue causing in powerful and longer-lasting erection by command.  Also, regular massaging of the penis can cause the natural production of the secreted testosterone

Are there Any Techniques for Massaging the Penis?

Currently, there are two popular and appropriate techniques available that you can utilize right now. This method would help you make your penis bigger, stronger and at the same time boost the testosterone production from the testis.

It is highly recommended to use both the techniques described along with the orgasm edging for the best possible erection -enhancing results.

Technique Penis Massage #1: The 3 Minute Flaccid Penis Massage

The best possible time for penile area massage when having a flaccid penis is either when you are relaxing alone in bed or when in the shower. Remember to massage yourself every other day, at least for 4 times per week. This habit would only take up a couple of minutes and the best part is only you would know about it.

1. Under a warm shower after 3 minutes, begin by rubbing and kneading gently with your fingers the area just above your penis (the pubis) for at least 1 minute.

This is where your penis joins to your body, around the base. You will feel the muscles relaxing and your penis should start to hang lower and feel slightly looser and heavier.

2. After 1 minute of massage, move to the area behind your testicles (perineum). Massage thoroughly around this area, even touching the very tops of your groin and moving to the testicles for 1 minute. Aim to massage to improve circulation towards the penis.

3. Begin to massage the base of your penis carefully by starting from the penis base (as far towards your body as possible), gently holding your penis between thumb and forefinger (in an incomplete ring shape) and move from the base outwards until halfway down the penis.

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Perform this rep 20 times per hand (total of 40 reps). Finish your shower with a cold water blast on the testicles (30-60 seconds).

Make sure that your body is soapy for better lubrication and that your grip is gentle. Do not be rough so as to prevent pain and damage.

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Technique Penis Massage #2: The Erect Penis Massage

When trying to master the control ejaculation method you should take note to massage the penis every time you avoid ejaculation.

1. To make your erections harder and to develop some extra girth, massage around the base of your penis and your perineum each time you refrain from ejaculation (edging).

2. Massage the flow of blood gently towards your penis head and massage outwards slightly towards the middle of your penis gradually each time you perform an erect massage.

3. Repeat the massage 4 times or more each time you are erect, always coaxing the blood gently in the direction of your penis head.

4. When you feel the blood is flowing and your penis feels slightly thicker and more solid than usual, gently massage by using with your thumb and index finger and working your hand from the base to the top of the penis.

5. Alternate massaging the shaft with massaging of the base after holding back from ejaculating for a few minutes at a time.

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In conclusion…

Having adequate and healthy levels of testosterone while performing the massages helps the hormone-rich blood to reach your penile chambers and improve general erection health.

Massaging gently stimulates the blood flow, improving erection capacity. Strengthening your PC muscles (the pelvic floor) can result in harder and longer-lasting erections, excellent for men having experience ED for long periods of time and proven in clinical studies.

These techniques are especially useful when combined with other testosterone-boosting methods and can eventually result in pleasurable instant erections.

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For men with long-term erectile dysfunction, performing these workout exercises can strengthen the previously neglected penis muscles and improve the blood circulation.

Naturally, some men will need to work for more time than others at restoring full erectile capability. This is where a positive mindset is very important for overcoming erection problems and developing the lasting, hard erections that you deserve.

When performing penile massages, I encourage you to create an image in your mind of yourself with a naturally powerful, strong erection and to hold that image throughout the massage. Make sure that you are relaxed when using this technique and see it as a fun game, rather than as a serious task.

Penile massages exercises are the most enjoyable part of maintaining naturally hard erections. Many men can have a full day of spontaneous erections following a day that begins following a shower when penis massage was correctly carried out.

The increased blood flow, improved confidence (due to the penis feeling bigger) and 1 minute of icy cold water blasting on the testicles during a “penile boosting shower” can combine to have a surprisingly pleasant erection boost for the rest of the day.

In a nutshell, practicing the penile massage technique mentioned above will automatically stimulate growth in the Corpora Cavernosa which is a spongy tissue in the penis.

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