This Mexican Guy Has The Longest Penis, Dethroned Jonah Falcon

Who would’ve thought that even something like penile length can be disputed and called fake? Apparently, the New Yorker man once believed to have been endowed with the biggest penis in the world has called the Mexican who overtook his spot a cheat.

Jonah-Falcon1The 47-year old Jonah Falcon from NY has risen to popularity after being discovered to have a whopping penile length of 13.5 inches.

Until recently, he has bagged that label of being blessed with the longest penis in the planet, but he got ousted from the spot by the 54-year old Robert Esquivel Cabrera.

His manhood measures 18.9 inches, preventing him from engaging in any sexual activities. These figures are enough to make Falcon’s length seem like a midget.

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Why did Jonah Falcon say Roberto Esquivel Cabrera was cheating?

Jonah Falcon’s penis reaches a whopping 13.5″ when he’s aroused – and he’s understandably livid that a 54-year-old Mexican has taken his ‘world’s biggest penis’ title as reported by the sun.

However, Falcon is convinced that Cabrera is nothing but a fraud as the latter used to weigh down his genitals and stretch its foreskin in order to grow his manhood.

In an interview, Falcon claimed that Cabrera’s penis was not really 19 inches, claiming that he can always lead a normal sex life if only he undergoes a circumcision.

He added that Cabrera stretched the foreskin of his penis constantly, and based on what he knows, it is pretty much underneath that loose skin.

Falcon also said that he thinks it is ridiculous, and that Cabrera seems somewhat desperate. Even if he looks big, there is no way that he can change the truth that Falcon is a legit 13.5 inches in length.

What’s The Downside of Having A Huge Penis?

Cabrera was recently officially registered to be disabled. Right now, he is receiving some government handouts in spite of refusing to receive a reduction since he has been hoping to get a job in the porn industry in America.

He said that it is impossible for him to wear a regular uniform just like everyone else in a company, not to mention that he cannot get down on his knees as well.

He also claimed that running fast is impossible for him, so companies end up thinking badly of him. All he was told was that he will be contacted soon, but he never received any calls at all.

Roberto Cabrera created the enormous organ himself by stretching it using weights. His actual penis is six or seven inches long, doctors say, while the rest is foreskin

Roberto Cabrera  filed a disability and receives checks from the Mexican government because his 18.9inch manhood stops him from working

The man behind FakeTaxi series and YouPorn offered Cabrera a job in the industry of adult entertainment. He suggested that Cabrera can visit their Prague studio for filming a medical scene, although he added that this will be more of comical instead of erotic.

Jonah Falcon: The Man With The World's Largest Penis On Record

Here’s What Doctor Has to Say…

Medical experts who examined Cabrera stated that most of his manhood is indeed foreskin, with the penis underneath merely extending at 6 or 7 inches.

Due to this discovery and proof, the Guinness Book of Records has refused to recognize Cabrera’s achievement, and that the present record will still rest with Falcon, with a penis length of 9.5 inches when flaccid, reaching to as much as 13.5 inches once erect.

The medics are trying to urge Cabrera to undergo a reaction in order for him to function as normally as other men, and have kids, yet he still refused.

Dr. Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez stated that Cabrera prefers to have a penis longer than others for the reason that when it comes to Latin culture, men who have a bigger penis are more macho.

It is something that makes him different from the rest of the men and really makes him feel special. Cabrera also added that he is famous because he has the largest penis in the world and he is happy with his penis because he knows that he is the only one who has that size.

The sheer penis size of Cabrera causes him some health problems like frequent UTI or urinary tract infection for the reason that not all of his urine escapes from his lengthy foreskin.

While Cabrera keeps his colossal member wrapped with bandages to escape chaffing, he can’t sleep with chest down and has to put his penis on its pillow to avoid experiencing any discomfort during night time.

And What About His Sex Life?

However, as for his sex life, it is actually off limits. Although there are some women who like a big penis, Cabrera’s penis has much girth to have intercourse.

Cabrera said that there are several people who asked him if he puts condoms on his penis and he answered that he can’t because he cannot penetrate anybody because it’s too thick.

While he’s living in America, he attempted to have intercourse twice, yet the first woman did not continue when she saw his penis and the other woman had to stop the intercourse because it was very painful.

Penis Enlargement: Understanding How PE Works

But, there’s a darker side to the past of Cabrera while he is living in America. He was convicted on some indecency charges and includes felony assault charge because of exposing himself to 2 underage girls.

This conviction is the one he appealed unsuccessfully. Due to this, he left the US in the year 2001 and today, he has sights on returning.

Does Cabrera Still Hoping of Becoming a Porn Star?

There’s an adult entertainment company that offered expenses for Cabrera’s penis reduction, yet he refused the deal and said that his aim is to find the right woman for him. While he has hopes of becoming a porn star, he is happy with the size of his penis and would like to go back to America to spend the rest of his lifetime.

According to him, he doesn’t feel sad for the reason that there are many women in America and one of them could be a perfect fit for him.

Cabrera shows a lot of desire to be a porn star and he thinks that he would make money in the US. He also said that people in America aren’t like in this country and they are much liberal and do not care about he has in his pants.

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Penis Size Comparison: Man vs Animal Erect in inches
Blue Whale 96 inches
Elephant 72 inches
Giraffe 40 inches
Walrus 25 inches
Roberto Cabrera 18.9 inches
Pig 18 inches
Jonah Falcon 13.5 inches
Average Human Penis Size 5 inches

This is the country with world’s biggest average penis size. So do you agree on the penis average size survey below? Tell me which country do you live and your current size in the comment section below.

Country With Worlds Biggest Average Penis Size

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