How To Last Longer in Bed And Have A More Intense Orgasm

Have you ever wondered why when you had sex with a condom, you’d last longer in bed? However, without a condom was another story…

Did you remember every time you stuck your hard, raw pole in her hole, you’d get the urge to shoot your load within 30 seconds? And about 30 seconds later, that urge to splurge turned into reality.

There are many causes of premature ejaculation. It can be biological or psychological.

Why Would You Come So Quickly? How Long Does Your Sex Suppose To Last?

According to a study, the average time of sexual intercourse is about 5-7 minutes. Meanwhile,  an online poll conducted by Reddit on “how long does sex normally last”, almost 50% of men confessed that they last in less than 2 minutes.

Both partners prefer to have their sex to last longer, but men, in general, lack the control to last longer.

Even though your girlfriend didn’t say anything about your premature ejaculation, you knew she was disappointed and unhappy.


So How Would You Tell If Your Partner Is Not Satisfied?

How To Tell If Your Partner Not Satisfied? how to last longer in bed

Here’s the hint… each time you came,  she’d either finger herself right next to you or hit the shower to finish herself off without eye contact or involuntary noises.

And you would only know if she’s totally satisfied IF she cried and unable to get up.

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What Is That One Thing You Should Do To Last Longer in Bed And Have A More Intense Orgasm?

You know what you have to start last longer to avoid relationship issues or her cheating on you. You should start this method called: “Edging

Also called the stop-and-start method, edging allows you to control your climax and last longer. So if you’ve been a one minute man lately, try it to increase your endurance.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Penetrate her and start having sex normally.
  2. Once you feel like you’re about to climax, pull out and stop.
  3. After you feel calm, start over until you feel like you’re going to climax again.
  4. Stop. Then repeat the process until you actually want to climax.

As an added benefit, edging also helps you have more intense climaxes in addition to lasting longer.  Which is, even more, a reason to try it.

If you want to learn and master your ejaculation control…

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