Does Jelqing Really Work for Penis Enlargement or Just a Hype?

Jelqing is a technique to enhance the size of men’s gentile. It is every other guy’s wish to enhance what nature has already provided him with. With exercise and constant determination, jelqing exercise can be effectively utilized.

What is jelqing?

It is an exercise meant to enhance the enlargement of the penis. Like any other exercise, you warm up and cool down taking great care of what you are doing to your penis. In much simpler terms it is a milking like motion which men tend to do with their gentile.

With at least 10-15 minutes daily, for 5-6 days a week, jelqing can enlarge the penis. It originated from the Arabs and made its way to America in 1970s.

How does Jelqing work?

Jelqing has been profoundly effective in a number of cases. With simple precautionary measurement and the right technique, jelqing has been proven to show results. Dr. Richard Howard from the online website “” has estimated the startling change jelqing alone has brought in men’s penis size.

I’ve seen men gains up to 4 inches through jelqing. I have practiced jelqing as well and can testify to its effectiveness. Dr. Richard Howard from

Jelqing has sub-branches, which includes erect jelqing. This technique is not only dangerous but also works to decrease your previous penis size and width. What works best for certain people is to practice this on alternative days at times.

Some people have gone over the top with using advanced jelqing techniques. This is not advised unless you have completely mastered the simpler ones first. You should observe rest days between jelqing days.

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Over expectation usually leads to disappointment in the end. Vigorous jelqing to have much faster results is a fool’s game. Slowly and eventually jelqing starts showing rests you won’t be able to deny.

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So does Jelqing work or not? Is it a hyped up old tradition or does it actually show an enhanced penis size?

The Answer: Jelqing does work, but only on the condition that there is no over-milking of the gentile and if rest days are observed. Simple techniques have been proven to be safer as compared to the advanced jelqing motion.

Jelqing Technique:

  The exercise is simple. The steps are as follows:

  1. Lubricate your penis with Vaseline or oil. This helps prevent any harm to the penis due to friction.
  2. Erect your penis by gently stroking and increasing it in size. It should not be completely erect. The blood flow of the penis is essential in this case.
  3. Form an ‘okay expression’ using your one hand.
  4. Start from the pubic bone and slide the circular part of your grip towards the tip of your penis.
  5. Repeat this motion through our entire length within 2-3 seconds.

Pro-tip: Warm up your penis before starting. Stretch your gentile in a comfortable manner. Use the milking-motion (Jelq) smoothly and not too firmly. Don’t forget to warm down before you end.

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