How to Increase Sperm Volume & Quality When Ejaculating

How to Produce More Semen

As men get older, they worry about their sexual performance because they aren’t able to produce as much semen as they did before. This will cause them anxiety while having sex, especially if they can’t shoot cum as far as they used to. As a result, they will feel embarrassed by the weak load they were packing. No woman likes a man who underperforms in the bedroom.

Before you can learn how to increase the volume of your semen, you should understand what it is exactly. Semen is basically seminal fluid mixed with moving sperm cells. Only 5% of the semen is made up of sperm while the rest is just the seminal fluid. The sperm gets its energy to move from the sugars which exist in the seminal fluids. There are also substances in the fluid which shield the sperm as they go on their journey to fertilize the egg inside of the woman.

Roughly 66% of semen is generated in tubes which lie between the penis and the testicles. These tubes are called seminal vesicles. The other 33% of semen is generated in the prostate gland which lies between the anus and the scrotum. A healthy amount of semen for a man to generate is between 3 ml and 5 ml, although if you can generate at least 1.5 ml then it is okay. In rare cases, men have generated more than 10 ml.

The Importance of Semen Volume

How to increase semen volume

Sperm cells trying to fertilize the egg.

Fertility doesn’t necessarily depend on semen volume. For an egg to be fertilized, only one sperm needs to reach it. Of course, the odds of one sperm reaching the egg are far greater when there is more semen available to increase the chances. But there is still a psychological aspect to why men care about semen volume.

The majority of men in modern society have looked at pornography at least once. They’ve seen male porn stars with big penises who usually end each video by shooting out semen onto the women’s faces. Although many of these cum shots are staged, men watching this will want to shoot out just as much semen as these actors do. When they aren’t able to do that, the men will become highly stressed over it.

Women secretly like it when men can shoot a lot of cum out. Men like it, even more, when they’re able to do it and satisfy the woman. Some even fetishize this experience. However, sometimes there are natural factors which will prevent you from shooting the amount of cum out that you want. Health, fitness, and age are just some of the main factors of this.

Now let’s take a look at 9 key factors which affect how much semen you can produce.

1.) Drink Lots of Water to Increase Sperm Volume

How to increase sperm volume? Get hyrdrated

How to increase sperm volume? Get hydrated!

Does drinking lots of water increase sperm? The answer is YES! And that’s the reason why sperm donors drink a lot of water.

You need to drink plenty of water, so you can hydrate your body. If you are not hydrated properly, then you will have smaller loads of semen that will be clumped together. Semen needs to have a lot of water so the sperm has room to move around properly. To achieve this, you should drink between 6 and 8 cups of water per day. You may need to drink more if you exercise a lot.

2.) Eat Food to Boost Semen Volume

How To Increase Sperm Volume? Eat food that can boost semen volume

How to Increase sperm volume naturally? Eat certain food that can boost semen volume.

A proper diet is not just important for your overall health, it is also important for your sexual health as well. The first step is to refrain from eating any foods that are processed or refined. These foods will cause impotence, among other things. If you eat white bread and white rice, then switch to wheat bread and brown rice. These are the kinds of choices that will improve your sexual health.

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If you normally consume alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, then you should reduce your intake as much as possible. Have no more than 2 beers or 2 cups of coffee per day. If you consume any more than that, your body will become stressed and it will impact your sexual health. Quitting these stimulants all together is always the best choice.

Another stimulant you should give up is smoking tobacco or cigarettes. Not only does smoking damage your sperm and lower your levels of antioxidants in the body, it also supposedly makes semen taste bad. Quitting smoking will reverse all these effects.

Your goal with a nutritional diet should be to increase your testosterone levels. This means consuming lots of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, L-carnitine, L-arginine, zinc, lycopene, and selenium. These will all help you generate more semen.


3.) Take a Cold Shower to Improve Sperm Count & Motility

Temperature Affects Male Fertility - Take a cold shower to boost sperm count

Taking a cold shower improves sperm production in terms of count and motility.

If you’re in an environment that is too cold or even too hot, this could impact your semen production. 

According to a study from the 2007 International Brazilian Journal of Urology, men who subjected to prolonged immersion in hot water through hot tubs were found to have damaged their sperm production in both count and motility.

On the other hand, one study at USCF found that men who stopped taking hot showers had an increase in sperm count of up to 491%.

A high-temperature problem could also be caused by other factors.For example, excessive heat on your testicles could be the result of tight-fitted clothing or resting a laptop with a hot battery on your lap. Avoid both of these things. You should also avoid sitting for long periods of time because it will increase the skin temperature of your scrotum and that will reduce your sperm count.

So if you want to increase your sperm volume and motility, try cold showers!


4.) Exercise Regularly to Improve Sperm Quality

Regular Exercise improve the quality of sperm

Research has found that doing at least half an hour of exercise may boost man’s sperm count and quality.

General exercise consists of cardiovascular exercises, like running, fast walking, and swimming. This has so many positive health benefits for your body, such as improving heart health and boosting your metabolism.

Doing at least half an hour of exercise three times a week also boosts the amount of semen you’re able to produce, according to a study. That is why a lot of people feel sexually excited after they’ve gone on a long run. You might even find that your sexual stamina in bed is better as well.

Allan Pacey, professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield and spokesperson for the British Fertility Society, said:

We have a very poor understanding of how physical exercise affects male fertility and sperm quality, but it is a question commonly asked by men wishing to improve their chances of having a child.

On the other hand, studies have shown that too much exercise or participation in competitive sports, like cycling, can harm sperm production and quality.

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5.) Kegel to Increase Sperm Volume & Intense Orgasm

Pelvic Exercise to boost your sperm motility

The pelvic floor has muscles called pubococcygeal muscles. These muscles are what allow your penis to shoot cum out of it. If you perform pelvic exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, then you will be able to strengthen your pubococcygeal muscles. As a result, you’ll be able to shoot semen out a lot farther and increase your chances of having a good orgasm.

To perform this exercise, you basically lie flat on the floor with your knees bent and then just lift up your pelvic area while keeping everything else on the floor. Make sure you lift your pelvis up as far as it can go so you can feel the contraction. Hold it up there for a few seconds and then return. Do as many reps of this as you can.

6) Edging to Get More Loads

how to last longer in bed: ejaculation guruEdging is when you get sexually stimulated and start masturbating until your near having an orgasm. But then, you stop without ever shooting out a load. This helps the body produce more semen quickly.

However, this can be a difficult technique because it can be hard to stop before cumming. You need to quickly direct your thoughts away from sex when you want to stop being stimulated.

7.) Aim For At Least 8-Hours Of Sleep Every Day!

Good sleeping habit improves sperm quality

Sperm counts dropped by more than a quarter in not getting a full night’s rest due to late nights, insomnia and broken sleep

Because lack of sleep affects sperm quality, most men neglect of getting a good night sleep. When your body is stressed and feeling tired, it won’t produce as much semen.

You need to get to sleep so your body can relax and exhaust more of its resources toward producing more semen. You ever notice how you sometimes get an erection when you wake up in the morning? That is because your semen volume has increased while you slept. The better you sleep, the higher the volume.

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8.) Genetics Factor

Aging Process

Two things which affect your low semen and sperm volume is age and genetics. Men in their mid-30s will produce the most semen before it begins to decline. By the time they get to their mid-50s, it declines faster.

Your genetics will dictate the amount of semen you’re actually able to produce during this time. Some men are simply luckier than others here. You cannot control or change your age or genetics.

9.) Abstinence to Increase Sperm Volume

Man abstinence in sex to produce more semen

You can build up your semen and sperm volume if you simply do not have sex, or at least don’t shoot out cum. That way, you can keep building on the volume you’ve already produced. If you wait 1 to 3 days, that should be enough time before you can release.

If you wait for longer, you could possibly shoot an even bigger load. After about a week, though, the production of semen will slow down because your body will be able to tell that it doesn’t need any more of it.

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