13 Amazing Health Benefits of Cold Showers That Every Man Should Know

Can cold showers really enhances testosterone, improves fertility, prevents injury, and more? Image Source: cbc

After a long day at work, an intense training session or looking to unwind, there’s nothing better than a nice steaming hot shower, right? Actually, there is.

Counterintuitively, taking a cold shower is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health and can make you feel a whole lot better than a cold shower. I know what you’re probably thinking… cold showers are probably the worst idea ever.

While cold showers may not appeal to many now that we have modern technology and the ability to turn the hot water on within seconds, we have forgotten the overall benefits of bathing or showering with cold water.

Ancient Romans used to bathe roughly once or twice a year using (you guessed it) cold water. The reason being was that cold water increases a man’s livelihood and vitality so that they could remain strong in the battlefield.

Additionally, Nordic Vikings were known to dip in freezing lakes and pools after bathing in hot baths (a practice that still continues to this day).

This practice of cold showering is making a comeback – here are the top 10 reasons why.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers No.1 » Increase Your Willpower

Health Benefits of Cold Showers - Increase your will powerImage Source: Modern Warrior Mind

Just the practice of hopping into the shower and turning it on cold days is enough to begin to shift you towards living a more disciplined life.

It may seem as little as a cold shower, but by actively choosing to do something seemingly unpleasant and facing your fears sets you up for success.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers No.2 » Bust Stress

Health Benefits of Cold Showers bust stress

Without getting too deep in technical science jargon, cold water produces uric acid which in turn makes the body less stressed.

Therefore, if you’ve had a long meeting, stressful day at work or are anxious in general, your best bet is to hop in a cold shower.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 3 » Keep You Alert

Health benefits of cold showers keep awake

This probably comes as no surprise: cold shower help keeps you alert. Not only do they keep you alert during the shower, but the effect can be felt throughout the entirety of the day.

If you’ve got an important exam coming up, tough job expectations or anything else that requires focus, taking a cold shower would be a great way to start your day.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 4 » Improve Skin Texture & Hair

Health-Benefits of Cold Showers improve skin textures hairImage Source: Standard

First of all, there has been no point in time where human beings shower as often as we do at this point in time. Second of all, most of our ancestors had no access to hot water unless they lived in a hot water spring.

When we use hot water and shower so often it can strip our skin of sebum and hair of natural oils. To keep your hair silky and soft and skin radiant, it’s best to shower with cold water.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 5 » Increase Testosterone Levels

health benefits of cold showers Increase testosteroneImage Source: Builtlean

This may come to a shock for many men cold showers increase testosterone level. Testosterone begins to wane at the ripe age of 30. When your level of testosterone is up, 

Men with low testosterone are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, low libido, and other common male sexual health problems.

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Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world – there are multiple ways to increase your testosterone naturally, and taking a cold shower just so happens to be one of the best ones.  Men who take cold showers also noticed a dramatic improvement in their erection quality in terms of hardiness. 

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Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 6 » Improve Male Fertility

Health benefits of cold showers improve male fertility

Another amazing benefit of cold showers is that they increase sperm count, motility, and fertility.

According to a study at USCF found that men who stopped taking regular hot showers had an increase in sperm count of up to 491%.

Hot baths might be an effective method of male contraception because higher scrotal temperature depresses sperm production.

If you want to conceive in the future, turn on the cold water the next time you take a bath!


Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 7 » Improve Circulationhealth benefits of cold showers Improve Blood CirculationImage Source: Mostinside

The circulatory system is one of the most important systems in the body. One of the best ways to keep it functioning properly is by taking a cold shower. 

Why is this?When you take a cold shower, it sends your blood deep within your organs in order to keep them warm, thereby stimulating the circulatory system. More blood circulation to the penis region means harder and firmer erection. 


Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 8 » Pump Out Your Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic system is responsible for removing all toxins from the body outside. Each and every cell carries waste – fortunately, the lymphatic system acts as a sweep and cleans out all of the toxins from the body.

One of the best ways to ensure that the lymphatic system is up to bar is taking a cold shower. This assists the waste removal process within our bodies.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 9 » Accelerate Muscle Recovery Process

health benefits of cold showers Accelerate Muscle Recovery ProcessImage Source: Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders, athletes and gym goers, listen up: cold showers speed up the muscle recovery process. This is why it is so common for athletes to rest in ice baths once they finish their workouts.

If you’re looking to get back in the game faster and build a stronger body at a speedier rate, then try jumping in a cool shower.

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Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 10 » Improves Symptoms of Depression

health benefits of cold showers Improves Symptoms of Depression

Taking a cold shower regularly can help ward off any symptoms of depression or any behavioural and emotional symptoms.

This is due to the fact that cold showers are known to activate the sympathetic nervous system as well as increase the blood level of beta-endorphin and noradrenaline and to increase the synaptic release of noradrenaline in the brain as well.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 11 » Keep You Awake Throughout The Day

If you find your energy levels begin tapering off as the day drags on then you may want to try incorporating a new routine in your daily life: taking a cold shower.

By washing your body, cold shower it not only wakes you right up but also keeps you awake throughout the entire day.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 12 » Help Weight Loss

health benefits of cold showers helps lose weight

Amazingly, opting to shower in cold is an effortless way to burn some fat. This is due to the fact that exposure to cold activates the fat cells to burn up to compensate normal body’s temperature.

Cold showers also cause to boost metabolic activity, which in turn helps repair muscle tissues quickly.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers No. 13 » Prevent Injury

health benefits of cold showers prevent injuryImage Source: Menshealth

Preventing injury: Soaking in a cold bath (also known as an “ice bath” or “cold therapy”) is said to help reduce swelling and tissue breakdown in runners after distance runs. However, the few studies actually completed and published have been inconclusive or contradictory, so until we get more definitive findings, these claimed benefits can’t be confirmed.

Taking a cold shower is a relatively easy thing to do daily in order to reap so many benefits. Before jumping into your warm, steaming hot shower consider turning it down until it reaches the “C” for cold, or simply using cold water from the start.

Cold showers have been around for a long time – now it’s your turn to experience the many benefits of cold showers.

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