6 Hacks To Boost Testosterone Level By Avoiding These Lifestyle Habits

Having a high testosterone level can have many benefits to your body. The best way to boost your testosterone level is by integrating high testosterone habits into your daily routine.

There are some activities to naturally increase testosterone level that can result in a high libido lifestyle.

However, there are also some lifestyle changes that you need to avoid in order to improve testosterone levels and sex drive naturally.

Here are some of the hacks to naturally boost your testosterone level by avoiding these lifestyle habits in your daily routine.

1. Mobile Devices and Testosterone

You may have also heard that lower sperm count and male infertility and be caused by radiation from cell phones (electromagnetic waves).

Studies carried out to assess the risk of putting a cell phone close to the testicles revealed considerable lower levels of sperm quality and mortality.

Despite this, men still continue to put cell phones in their pockets, perhaps out of ignorance or the belief that cell phones are inactive when not in use.

When “inactive”, cell phones still cause substantial disturbance to speakers and amplifiers in the room, even when they are searching for the network a few feet away.

In the same way, your phone – even when placed close to your testicles, is continuously checking for messages, reading the network and updating itself, and is constantly active.

If you must pocket your cell phone, switch if off and only respond when you switch it on to look at messages. Or look for a means to carry your cell phone as far away from your testicles as possible.


2. Avoiding Xenoestrogens

 Hacks To Boost Testosterone Level By Avoiding These Lifestyle Habits

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Despite the differences in opinion on the subject, enough shocking evidence exists to prove that the decrease in men’s sperm count and testosterone levels in recent years can be attributed in part to the chemicals found in food, substances and the environment we live in.

These are the same chemicals responsible for changing male fish into females and that can lead to penile development issues later in life for young boys as a result of exposure while in the womb.

It is true that it is impossible to completely avoid these chemicals but their presence in the body can be reduced which can help quick body detoxification and lead to improve hormonal regulation and better health.

As an adult, you might discover that chemicals such as those found in certain detergents and plastics can trigger oestrogenic activity which can lead to a fall in testosterone levels and your overall sex appetite making your body softer and more feminine.

Frequent consumption of the following substances found in food and packaging play a part in altering your masculinity:


3. BPA – Bisphenol A


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This very controversial substance is used in plastics, most especially in polycarbonate plastic.

Known in full as bisphenol A, BPA is a carbon-based synthetic chemical which has been used in a vast array of plastic products since it became commercially available in 1957.

Recent concerns about its safety lead to an FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) investigation and the publication of a report on the findings two years after the study – 2010.

Because of the hazardous effects of the chemical, it has been prohibited from a number of products used by babies and the young, especially cups and bottles. This is because of its harmful effects on children who are at a crucial level of growth and development.

BPA also has a number of possible effects on adult health. Most especially, men may concern themselves with the repercussion of this chemical on a number of body functions and systems – the reproductive system inclusive.

A number of animal studies have been conducted into the repercussions of BPA on health. These studies have revealed that exposure to the chemical can lead to a decrease in sperm count; these tests were conducted on rats which are closely related mammals. Also, it is thought to cause erectile dysfunction among a number of other sexual problems.

Even after the prohibition of the use of BPA and related chemicals in baby products, exposure to these chemicals is still very common. Some water bottles, plastic containers used in the microwave, and the protective inner layer of most food packaging still contain these chemicals.

A good number of residents in the Western world are repeatedly exposed to bisphenol A or other related chemicals which can be used as substitutes.

Authorities such as the European Safety Authority and FDA postulate that it is almost impossible to reach unsafe exposure levels. It is important to know that the data used to determine the maximum prescribed level of exposure is old and might be obsolete as it has not been updated due to recent findings.

BPA has been proven to reduce sexual ability in men, especially sperm count and the capability to attain and sustain an erection. However, this can be due to low levels of testosterone in the body caused by exposure to BPA.

More research is required to confirm this assertion. What clinical tests have been able to demonstrate is that both adults and children are exposed to increased levels of BPA with over 93 percent of persons tested found to have this chemical present in their urine, and with higher amounts found in children.

It is also well-known that bisphenol A increases the growth of cancer cells, contributes to heart disease and produces liver abnormalities. It is therefore prudent to do your best to reduce exposure to this chemical

Many studies have also revealed that bisphenol A mimics the female hormone oestrogen and as such, has a disruptive effect on the endocrine system.

Studies carried out to reveal that BPA is a xenoestrogen (a substance with the ability to bind to oestrogen receptors) that produces the same effects in the male body as the female hormone estrogen. Additional studies reveal that BPA can also negatively affect brain functionality, disrupt hormone regulation and lead to cancer. As a result of this, BPA has been officially classified as a toxic substance in Canada.

The most significant study to this guide was conducted in men working on site in Chinese factories producing BPA products. The study revealed that these men were 4 times more likely to report sexual dysfunction (lack of sexual desire, erection problems) than other men.

It is possible to avoid BPA. Also, detoxification helps to significantly reduce its effects on the body. Bisphenol A infiltrates and leaches from substances that you consume probably every day, including:

  • Canned foods and drinks
  • Plastic bottles (soft drinks, water)
  • Thermal and carbonless copy paper (labels and tickets)
  • Plastic containers (especially when heated or microwaved)
  • Plastic packaging


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4. Avoid Parabens 

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The field of male cosmetics is yet another area which exposes you to a range of different xenoestrogens. Recently, a group called parabens has been exposed.

Paraben is a compound found in many household and cosmetic products, such as creams, body lotions, deodorants, shower gels, after-sun cream, sunscreen and toothpaste.

In addition to links to breast cancer, some concerns also exist as a result of studies conducted on the effects of parabens on the male reproductive system.

5. Avoid Hot Baths 

avoid hot baths

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You might have heard of the negative effects of high temperatures and hot water on sperm count. Not only is this true but it also is a reason why you should be conscious of the benefits of keeping the testicles cool for increased testosterone production.

Be aware that tight underwear, saunas and hot baths can decrease or temporarily halt testosterone production. Consider using the following techniques to maintain increased levels of testosterone:

  1. At the end of a hot shower, throw some icy water on your testicles for about 30 to 60 seconds (a substitute for ice baths)
  2. Avoid hot baths which might hinder sperm production
  3. Endeavour to cool testicles during hot weather or after hot saunas (consider using an ice pack)
  4. Endeavour to wear loose-fitting underwear as frequently as possible.
  5. Try to alternate between hot and cold water while in the shower and end your shower with cold water.

Cold showers have been proven to be advantageous to mental functioning. In addition, men reveal that cold showers (or switching between hot and cold) revitalizes their body and mental capacities. For optimal sperm and testosterone production, the testicles have to be kept cooler than other body parts

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6. Drinking Water

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Using a reverse-osmosis filter produces the best and purest drinking water because the filter removes most of the chemicals from drinking water which tends to reduce the negative effects of such chemicals.

When used in high volumes or taken on a regular basis, traces of antibiotics, female oral contraceptive pills and other medication can filter through to urine and eventually seep into the drinking water of a specific region.

why we need testosteroneIt is sad to find out that you have been exposed to harmful and toxic chemicals at some points in your life. The feeling of disgust you feel is rational and logical.

But it is your place to take responsibility and make sure that you remain as far back away from these libido-killing and erection-killing chemicals as you possibly can.

Paying attention to what you eat, cosmetics and household products will be a good place to start.

Also, endeavour to reduce exposure to cell-phone radiation and electromagnetic waves. Avoid putting your tablet or laptop on your knees and keep a healthy distance between yourself and any electric device including computers, clock radios and TVs.

If you think that you have been polluted in any way, taking liver-cleaning supplements and drinking a lot of filtered water is an excellent way to reduce the harm already done.

Taking cold showers is yet another amazing technique. While there is little-registered proof on the exact benefits, many men have revealed that there are benefits to taking an ice-cold shower, even if it is solely for cooling the testicles so as to increase testosterone production.

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