The Dangers of WiFi & Smartphone Overexposure to Your Manhood

The dangers of WiFi and smartphone usage have been published in reports from time to time, mostly concerning cancerous tumours that might develop if the person is exposed too much to the wavelengths generated from such devices.

While medical reports of tumours have been relatively few and far between, a new danger appears to be on the horizon as men are suffering from a loss of testosterone, lack of sex drive, low sperm count and even erectile dysfunction.

They say excess of everything is bad and a new research done by researchers just proves it right. Excess smartphone usage can lead to other health issues such as anxiety, fatigue, head ache, insomnia and health problems.


Is WiFi safe for your health and at home?

In recent years, there have been several studies pointing to the decrease in testosterone production of male rates following moderate exposure to the 900Mhz frequency of electromagnet fields that most cell phones create when in operation.

While rats are not people, the studies have been bolstered by evidence from Europe that reinforce the notion that sperm function and testosterone generation are reduced when men are exposed to cell phone and Wi-Fi for extended periods.

Men with low testosterone have been linked to many sexual problems. Lack of sex drive, infertility, erectile problems are just some of the result of having low testosterone.

Wifi & smartphones over exposure

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Does Wifi Cause ED?

There are other correlations that are currently being studied, such as Erectile Function (EF). However, such studies are still in their preliminary stages and there may be no direct connection. It could be that EF is affected by the lowering of testosterone and sperm function which makes it more of a side effect rather than a directly related symptom.

In addition, other studies demonstrate the sperm function may be adversely affected by exposure to the 900Mhz frequencies as well. While the studies are not perfect and more studies are needed, it is enough to recommend that men carry their cell phones and mobile devices on their belt, backpack, or otherwise away from their genitals.

Over the years, Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) is only considered dangerous when it exceeds levels such as 0.08W/kg. While Wi-Fi operates on those frequencies, they are far lower than the minimum amount to be considered dangerous. However, when exposure to lower amounts of the frequency for long periods have been studied, the results have demonstrated a reduction in testosterone and insulin production.

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Of course, eliminating such frequencies is arguably not practical because the health effects are still being studied and there are other factors that may play an even stronger role such as obesity, age, and genetics which have yet to be fully accounted. Right now, more human and animal studies are being performed to confirm the early results that have been recorded.

In fact, there have been some studies which have shown small or even no effects on testosterone or sperm function. It will take several more years and many studies to either confirm or deny the basic proposition that certain radio frequencies have a debilitating effect on the production of testosterone and sperm.

How to Protect Yourself from the Dangers of Wifi Radiation?

Still, it does pay to be careful when you can, so for males it is recommended that cell phone, smartphone, and mobile devices be carried away from the front pocket to minimize exposure. In addition, making small changes to help reduce exposure may go a long way towards restoring fully testosterone production and sperm function. Such changes include keeping your mobile devices out of the bedroom or charging them in another room so that you are not near them at the time.

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