12 Gorgeous Male Celebrities With Small Penis

Who in Hollywood male celebrities got a small penis? Any Guess?

While it’s a high school senior, a world-renowned model or actor there is one thing they all want to keep private; Penis size.

Mostly because men are very conscious about their penis size; it’s like a competition going around and size is everything. 

But yet there are always people who are just plain simple and don’t bother keeping things private or are affected or ashamed by what size they possess.

Here’s a list of male celebrities with small penis

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 1 » Brad Pitt

Celebrities With Small Penis Brad Pitt

Image: mynewplaidpants

Perhaps the biggest of all ‘Oh my god’ moment for many of us right? Well we all know that the whole world can lie but best friends don’t, and that’s exactly what George Clooney did. Brad’s BFF Clooney once put a sticker on his car that read “small penis onboard”. And if that’s not enough Brad’s ex Juliette Lewis told her fans that, sleeping with brad wasn’t a ‘big’ deal—the big part means exactly what you think.

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Celebrities With Small Penis No. 2 » Shia Lebeouf

Celebrities With Small Penis Shia Lebeouf Stretching

Image: mirror.co.uk

The Even Stevens star amazed us with his amazing performances and talent that he repeatedly elevated through his movies. The actor revealed in an interview that he’s ‘not extremely well endowed’.  But not all talents are just mere measure of someone’s penis size right?

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 3 » Jude Law

Celebrities With Small Penis Jude Law nearly naked in Hawaii

Image: rumorfix

One of the most good-looking people in the industry and actor who hit it big, just quite couldn’t hit ‘big’ when a stealthy paparazzo took a photo of his treasure. He might help us in ending any kind of debate about Jude’s size but equally made it impossible for ending debates about other actors, cause now most actors are now aware of paparazzo-skills.

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Celebrities With Small Penis No. 4 » Jon Gosselin

jon gesselin Celebrities With Small Penis

Image: celebuzz

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Well, nothing is hidden from us when Gosselin’s life is under discussion thanks to Jon & Kate Plus 8. So it didn’t come as a surprise when his ex-wife referred to his penis as “stubby” confirming his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman’s statement about his penis being “Tiny, tiny, tiny!”

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 5 »  Daniel Craig 

daniel craig Celebrities With Small Penis

Image: csi-ny-leforum

The James Bond hotshot wasn’t quite the showy one when it came to nude scenes in Casino Royale, he used his body double for that job. Looks like even Bond has certain standards that Craig couldn’t meet.

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 6 » Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias Celebrities With Small Penis 

Image: latintrends

The singer did some real magic with his amazing music, the magic helps us so captive that when he admitted to having a small penis most us let him off the hook from public humiliation.

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 7 » Eminem 

eminem Celebrities With Small Penis

Image: giphy

The biggest name in the Rap industry, but not quite big when it comes to the other subject. As his ex-wife, Kim once fulminated “If you’re going to have sex with Marshall, make sure you have a little blue pill because otherwise, it does not work” Whoo!

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 8 » Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey at the beach Celebrities With Small Penis

Image: dnamagazine

The lucky and not-so-lucky guy, well if you’re Jessica Simpson’s virginity pledge and ‘The One’ you’re lucky. But not so much when someone like Jessica after your split reveal “Nick Lachey didn’t pack too well if you know what I mean, but I got over it”.

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 9 » Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Celebrities With Small Penis

Image: tehnobuffalo

The two and a half men star weren’t the laughing types when Britney Murphy famously commented about his and Demi Moore’s relationship as “I suppose the crux of their relationship basically means to him that age doesn’t matter and to her size doesn’t matter.” But let’s just face it, he never denied anything.

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 10 » Daniel Radcliffe

daniel radcliffe 2016 Celebrities With Small Penis

Image: thefashionisto

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The life of so many teenagers, the famous Harry Potter star had to face one fact that no matter how much magic you possess some things you just can’t fix. So, he had to blame his humble sized wand on ‘shrinkage’ in his full nude frontal shoot for Equus.

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 11 » Mick Jagger 

mick jagger Celebrities With Small Penis

Image: billboard

He might be the biggest name among lady-killers. But even he was once called out by his band-mate Keith Richards for having a small dick, the exact words were “small dodger”.

Celebrities With Small Penis No. 12 » Tom Arnold

Celebrities With Small Penis tom arnold

Image: tomarnoldcomedy

Tom and Roseanne’s marriage wasn’t quite the ‘happy family’ image and their continuous ranting on twitter made us laugh and sometimes totally understand that even a comedian isn’t the funniest guy in the house! Roseanne sure didn’t leave any details about his dick when she said on Saturday Night Live that “it was a petite 3 inches”. But like always Arnold had a response, he said: “even a jumbo jet would look small if it landed in the Grand Canyon”.

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