The Causes Of Low Libido And ED That You Should Know

Most men nowadays experience low libido and difficulty of getting an erection on command from temporary to permanent. There are plenty of factors that cause lack of sex drive and ED.

So what happens if you just ignore your low sex drive and erectile dysfunction? The consequences can have a direct impact on the relationship, stress level, self-esteem and depression.

The purpose of this article is to help you identify and resolve any physical or mental factors that may be causing diminishing libido and weaker erection.

Your performance and stamina in the bedroom can be measured by the following factors:

  • Your testosterone level in your body also known as the male sex hormone.
  • Your sexual desire also referred to as libido.
  • The amount nitric oxide in your bloodstream that supplies the blood for harder erections.
  • Penile muscles that hold blood in your penis.

Most cases of low libido and erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical, psychological, environmental, lifestyle or combination of all.

Fortunately, it can be reversed with the access of correct knowledge using both physical method and mental support.

Listed below are some of the many causes of low libido and erectile dysfunction that every man should know.

1.) Physical Causes of Low Libido & ED in Men

causes of low libido - chronic diseases

  • Chronic disease can affect man’s sexual desire and erection quality. Chronic illnesses such as obesity, Peyronie’s disease, chronic pain, kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, spinal cord injury, sickle cell anemia, enlarged prostate and also neurological diseases (Gaucher’s disease,MS, Parkinson’s disease, Myasthenia gravis,Guillain–Barré syndrome, etc.)
  • Cancer therapy (chemo and radiation). One side effects of chemotherapy are losing interest in sex and difficulty of getting a boner.
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  • Dopamine deficiency. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that acts as a brain’s chemical messaging system, which is responsible for sex drive, desire and aggression.   According to the Hormone Foundation, an organization supported by the National Institutes of Health, lack of sexual drive are among the symptoms of decreased dopamine.  When dopamine level is reversed, lack of sexual drive tends to quickly turn around.
  • Prescription drugs. Prescription medicines such as SSRI antidepressant drugs, anti-seizure medications, opioids, antihistamine, prostate medications, anti-cholesterol medications, and HIV drugs can lower libido and can destroy your erection silently.
  • Male sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation or early ejaculation can also affect your libido and erectile function.


2.) Psychological Causes of Low Libido & EDpsychological causes of low libido and ED

  • Depression is a serious mental illness that interferes with all aspects of your life, including your sex life. This may include schizophrenia, anger, and guilt.
  • Stress and anxiety can have a major impact not only on your overall health including happiness but also your interest in sexual activity. This may include anxiety about sexual performance, ambivalence about sexual orientation, past traumatic sexual experience, sexual abuse, and stress at home or work.
  • Relationship problems or marital issues can take a heavy toll on your libido. This may include relationship conflicts, fear of intimacy, frequent arguments, and difficulty trusting each other.


3.) Environmental  Causes of Low Libido in Men

Causes of low libido environmental factors

Prolong exposure to toxic substances may affect sexual desire and erection quality.

  • Prolong exposure to toxic substances may also affect the loss of libido and consequently in men. Examples of toxic substances are vinyl chloride, pesticides, herbicides, natural gas, industrial effluent. Other toxins that are hidden in your personal care products can have an enormous impact, particularly if you are exposed repeatedly or for a long time. These hidden toxins are perfume, shampoo, shaving cream, after shave lotion, cosmetics, detergents, soaps, cleaning chemicals, carpets, unseen moulds, various other solvents, as formaldehyde treatment on bedding or carpet, photographic chemicals.
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  • Heavy metals exposure either voluntarily through supplementation or involuntarily ingestion of contaminated food and water or contact with contaminated soil or dust can have a great impact on sexual drive. Examples of heavy metals that are known be harmful to human health are cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury from vaccines, are non-essential xenobiotics.

4.) Lifestyle  Choices can Cause Reduced Libidobad habits causing erectile dysfunction sedentary lifestyle

Sex drive can also be affected by unhealthy lifestyle choices such as:

  • alcoholism
  • smoking
  • drug abuse
  • lack of motivation to exercise
  • poor eating habits


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