10 Best Sex Positions That Will Last You Longer

A long-lasting sex is what everyone wants.But sad to say, some men can’t hold of their ejaculation.  This may leave their partner unsatisfied. Premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction affecting 30-40% of men at some point in their lives. 

Well, most of the times. But thanks to the way human anatomy works.  There are actually sex positions in which you can stay in control and also last longer in bed.

So here is the rundown of 10 best sex positions that are going to prevent premature ejaculation:

1. Missionary Position

Best Sex Positions That Will Last You Longer - Missionary

One of the most commonly known and most used and seen positions of sex is a missionary.

This is probably one of those positions that are not going to give a good thrill or a golden globe award to your activity but it is definitely going to stop the ejaculation if you can make sure that you learn much of your weight, not all, to her boy.

In this position,  you can have a better view of her face and her body like none else.


2. Spooning

Best Sex Positions That Will Last You Longer - Spooning

Quite a name for the position right, spooning. Well, this is definitely going to help you a lot in having a long go in the intercourse without really getting worried about it.

Spooning is also going to make sure that you feel the entire body of your partner and be able to take full advantage of it as well. You need to put his pelvis lower than yours and then ease up with a snuggle deep into his system.

Since the penetration, this way has over shallowed the chances of him getting stimulated are less and less stimulation means you can prolong ejaculation.

3. Woman on Top

Best Sex Position to last longer - woman on top

This position is going to involve the woman do all of the work and there isn’t much of a hard work so definitely a go-go here.

What you need to do is ask him to lay down easily without getting much of the tension and then put your body weight towards his body and slowly get the penis injected inside.

Your elbows are going to give you the support here and you definitely are going to be in charge. However, you need to learn how to lean forward because when the women are on top the view is a heaven for all of the men so going down will make the penetration shallow as well.


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4. Side by Side

Best Sex Positions That Will Last You Longer - side by side position

Next in line comes the side by side and as the same suggests this begins with both of you lying beside each other side by side.

In order to do this, you need to lift up your top leg and come closer around his waist. However, there is going to be a need to push the penis inside and that can be either one of the partners.

Once again why it works is because it is a shallow penetration position and doesn’t require much of penetration. Also, it gives a good note to connect with each other while having a go.

5. Stand and Carry

Best Sex Positions That Will Last You Longer - stand and carry

The next in line comes to the Stand and Carry. One of the very few positions of this list in which he is going to be the in charge most of the times. That is unless you really want him to ejaculate and you start hopping up and down.

One of the best advantages is that the male is not much looking into their penetration and the genitals and the entire focus goes on the partner this delays the process and gives you more timing.

All you need to do is make sure that those arms are strong enough to hold your partner. Once you do, just take your woman up from her legs and leave rest of the job to her.


6. Sitting

Best Sex Positions to last longer in bed

Maximum penetration, active thrust and less hard work is the sitting position. You need to make him sit with his legs crossed and then you need to ease up in his lap, make sure you guide the penis inside along the way.

It’s one of those positions that are going to make you feel sweet about your partner and also be sensual. Where the chances and possibilities of kissing and caressing increases the ejaculation chances decrease.

7. Sitting on Chair

Best Sex Position to last longer in bed - sitting on chairAs the name suggests and doesn’t entirely suggest is the sitting in chair position that is not going to have a chair involved all of the time it can be a sofa or a couch or any other place at which he is sitting.

When you look away and sit in his lap that is going to give you quite a room to get relaxed and have him play with your breasts from behind. Why it works is because the position makes sure that the rear entry is at its best.

8. Modified Doggy Style

Best Sex Positions That Will Last You Longer modified doggy styleWho actually knew that the doggy style could also be modified. Since the normal version of it needs lots and lots of thrust and also stamina this modified version isn’t just going to cut all of that effort but is also going to prevent the premature ejaculation.

This starts with the traditional position with slowly going down and making sure that your partner follows the same flow as well.

This is perhaps the only position in which you over stimulate him less and also be able to get your g-spot hit.


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9. Back to Front

Last but not least comes the position in which most of the men have reported that they be comfortable and also last longer.

This position is going to be the best for your morning sex because it will be quick. In this one, you are supposed to lie on your back with your knees raised, and bent.

Your partner, on the other hand, sits astride your penis for the penetration. This gives rise to more and more comfort later on that will push the fun bar to its limits.

10. Crossing

Another interesting position which might sound and look a little odd to you in the beginning by boy oh boy! Isn’t it one of the most romantic ones where he lies on his side whereas you lay down perpendicular on his back, a perfect view to have for him of your body and also of your face both at the same time.

As you press your body up and move your legs the penetration takes place. The thighs play the role for both in this as he can use them to have the to and fro moment whereas you can also use yours to move in and away, making it fun. Because of a very limited range of motion, the ejaculation also remains in control.

The sex positions listed above are not just to give you an intense pleasure but also help delay your ejaculation.

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