12 Ways to Detoxify Your Body For A High Sex Drive

Despite advancements in science, modern medicine and technology, more and more people are suffering from chronic diseases. According to CDC data, 7 out of the top 10 causes of death in 2014 were chronic illnesses. Two of these chronic diseases are heart disease and cancer. Other common chronic health and conditions are diabetes, obesity, stroke, arthritis and cancer.

Many of these chronic diseases are caused by toxin accumulation in our body. These toxins (poisons) are hidden in the water, food, air, and personal products.

When a man reaches the age of 40s or 50s, an obvious decline of testosterone level is starting to deteriorate. And when your testosterone goes down,  erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, low libido, infertility, obesity, breast enlargement, and other male sexual issues will manifest at any given time.

Low libido or lack of sex drive is not only caused by hormonal imbalance but also a long-term use of prescription drugs and prolonged exposure to environmental toxins. A congested liver can additionally be the reason for your weak sex drive. 

Years of social drinking, consuming processed food as well as air pollution could take its toll on your main detoxifying organ, the liver.

When the liver is clogged up with accumulated toxins such as the xenoestrogens, the cells that act as the filter may fail to screen out or detoxify the liver properly. And that’s the main reason why testosterone levels continue to plummet as you age.

As a result, you have an overloaded liver that struggles to remove toxic substances and also creates weight gain, body odour, halitosis (bad breath), bad digestion and low sex drive.

Why Should You Care of Your Liver?

Let’s admit it, most of us are ignorant regarding the potential effects of certain food that we eat and keep ignoring what the liver can handle. Consuming refined and processed food, high-fructose corn syrup, junk food and even poor quality fresh meat and conventional vegetables cause a fatty buildup that can lead to liver disease.  Studies show that sugar can be as damaging to the liver as alcohol, even if you’re not overweight.

The liver works as the filter for the body, and also eliminates the hazardous elements, equivalent to an air filter that you could put in wet, damp areas which clean the air and makes it healthy to take a breath.

In order to avoid estrogen controlling your body, your liver should be able to eliminate it. The faster your liver could get rid of xenoestrogens from the body, the less complicated it could get.

The Hidden Poisons in Your Food

Animals (including fish) are farmed using methods that our bodies are no more truly compatible with and are farmed with steroids and antibiotics. And that’s the reason why people nowadays are resistant to some antibiotics. 

Enhanced flavouring such as MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) can have a negative effect on your body. MSG is usually found in junk foods, gravies, soups, broth, casseroles, chicken and beef cubes. Be it a pan pizza at Pizza Hut, a burger at McDonald’s or Mexican wrap at Taco Bell, MSG is there. Even the restaurants, daily grocery and the baby food might contain some.

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People with sensitivity to MSG can produce symptoms such as:

  • a headache
  • blurred vision
  • chills and shakes
  • nausea and vomiting
  • increased heartbeat
  • brain damages
  • behavioural disorders
  • neuro-degenerative disorders
  • endocrinal diseases such as obesity
  • reproductive disorders and adverse or extreme reactions
  • asthma
  • bowel problems
  • asthma
  • cancer

If you want to know the truth about MSG, read this article.

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Detoxify Your Liver For A High Sex Drive

A weak liver could result in a number of chronic diseases. It is important to detoxify your liver once in a while to restore your libido. If you want to eliminate toxic out from your liver, follow the suggestions below. 

1. Altering your diet to a raw food diet or switch to whole food plant-based diet regimen will certainly aid you to detox faster. 

2. Extreme and routine exercise is a superb approach to detoxing fast as well as getting rid of contaminants from your blood as well as muscle mass fibres.

3. Taking milk thistle extract in the form of pills can assist the liver to clean itself normally.

4. Eating much more artichoke as well as taking artichoke essence supplements could be useful for the liver.

5. Taking black radish essence could aid to clean your liver.

6. Taking dandelion supplements or tea is very helpful for the liver as well as digestion.

7. Give up or decrease your alcohol consumption to decrease the lots in the liver.

8. Prevent taking medicines, treatments or medication which enhances the tons on your liver (speak with your medical professional concerning this).

9. Drink a lot of water and also all-natural juices (utilize a juicer).

10. Avoid packaged or processed food, low-quality mineral water as well as processed food.

11. Consume tea with freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey on an empty tummy every day.

12. Think about fasting on apple juice during the day as well as olive oil with lemon juice during the night for 2 days in a row.

Never ignore the power of your liver in order to help you out! If your sex drive is flagging as well as you really feel that you are doing everything to assist it out, then maybe that you merely have to boost liver efficiency.

Improving your liver’s performance can likewise assist you to increase the absorption of nutrients from both food and also supplements, boost focus and food digestion and boost energy degrees.

Purifying the liver for a few days each month using the above techniques could aid you to improve general power levels as well as is even necessary for a world where you can not avoid chemicals.

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