12 Things About Your Penis That You’re Clueless About

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Although the penis is an important part of man’s life, it’s not all clear, and most men can learn a thing or two about their anatomy, their inner functioning, and how to keep the penis healthy and ready for action.

There are people in the world who have problems in performance issues in bed, this can be due to many factors, however majority of these men are having problems because of their penis size. These problems can result in even more bedroom blues such as premature ejaculation, Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.

Simply because the majority of men’s penises may become somewhat “dulled” to regular feeling as they grow older, a lot of guys prefer to maintain their eyes open up for suggestions about how to improve the penis naturally. Or a sexual partner or masturbation, a man wants the most enjoyable experience possible. The more sensitive the penis is more likely to achieve its goal.

Here Are The Top 12 Things About The Penis

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1. The Penis Is Actually About Twice As Long As It Looks

 This is good news for those who care about your penis size. The outer axis is not the whole story; the rest of the penis is rooted deep inside the pelvis, supported by connective tissue, giving it the thrusting power needed to penetrate a partner.

2. The Foreskin Is Not Just An Extra Bit Of Flesh

In fact, the foreskin has a number of important functions aside from just covering the glens when the penis is flaccid. In infants, the skin fold, which is also known under the prepuce, serves to protect delicate tissue underneath from urine and fecal matter. The prepuce is full of nervous tissue and contributes to penile sensitivity and acts as a natural lubricant during sexual intercourse.

3. The Smallest Penis Size Ever Measured In A Human Was 5/8 Of An Inch

 In addition, the larger penis on record was 13.5 inches long. Fortunately for women, most men range somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5 inches – more than enough to get in touch with getting everything inside the vagina.

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4. Speaking Of Penis Size, The Best Way To Increase

 It’s … to lose weight. The truth is – depending on the penis, it does not depend on the size, it is (see point 3), the penis size is really a matter of perception. Therefore, the most effective and realistic approach to size is to look bigger.

Simply enough – losing even an inch or two of the waistline can make the penis appear more prominent.

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5. The Average Number Of Erections Per Day

 It’s 11 (in working hours). Add another 9 for nighttime wood. On the other hand, when the erection is … tired … you can take 2 minutes to 2 weeks to recover. The recovery time is known as a refractory period.

6. Women Like ‘Em Bigger

It’s true that there are some pretty big queens there – web-based research has shown that 9 percent of women are considered to be the ideal penis between 7-8 inches, while 2 percent said the” happy, Unless her partner’s penis was large enough to get the kittens out of  trees – 10 degrees – 12 inches is the perfect size.

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7. A Bigger Penis Makes You A Better Lover

 Penis length is the least important thing when it comes to giving pleasure to vaginal sex. Even when sexually excited, vaginal coverage covers only about four inches – that’s all it takes technically need. In fact, a thicker penis is much larger than the length of stimulating the fairer sex.

8. Penis Pills And Patches  Don’t Work

Penis pills will not give any permanent penile enlargement. The best quality of supplements can support a temporary increase in size due to blood effects of penile enlargement, but these effects depend on permanent use.

9. The Penis Be Enlarged Through Non-Surgical Means

 Last but not least, the old ‘Can you, can’t you?’ The debate about the feasibility of alternative penis enlargement techniques. The medical community has until recently quite categorically rejected the effectiveness of a non-surgical method. However, losing this decisive standpoint of regular ground with the release of a number of interesting medical research.

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10. The Penis Can Be A ‘Grow-Er’ Or A ‘Show-Er’

 there is no consistent relationship between the length of the flaccid penis and the size. A person with a relaxed penis-sized size can have a normal erection and instead of a small penis, man is a relaxed massive flaccid penis might have just an ordinary size on erection and on the contrary, a man with a small flaccid penis can surprise with a huge erection!

A penis that does not get erect much but is big when flaccid is thus a ‘shower’ and one that is small when flaccid but big on erection is a ‘grow-er’.

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11. The Penis Does Have A Mind Of Its Own

How often does the erection have a very inappropriate situation? The penis is doing its thing to possess a pure mind. The penis is controlled by a part of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system, such as the heart and the lungs. Sexual arousal is usually not voluntary.

Yes, a conscious mind plays a role, but a lot of sexual arousals occurs in the sympathetic nervous system. Just as it grows the penis also shrinks.

A cold shower or exposure to cold air causes the penis to become flaccid.

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12. It Is Possible To ‘Break’ The Penis

Although there is no bone in the penis, the penis can actually break, called a penis fracture. There is a sound in the penis that makes blue or black today. There is a huge penile fracture. Thrusting too hard and fast against the woman’s pubic bone or a woman who is moving wildly when on top of the man can lead to a breaking of the penis.

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Regardless of the condition of the penis size, girth, or accessory status mode must be provided, as well as the rest of the body. Keeping soft, smooth, attractive and responsive to sexual stimuli of the penis, requires proper nutrition.

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