11 Tips to Get and Maintain an Erection on Command

Every man wants to know how to get hard fast and stay hard without pills.  There’s an endless array of conventional treatments and devices to beat erectile dysfunction that promise to give you more volume but real results are few and far between.

If a man can’t get an erection by command, he may suffer from an occasional erectile dysfunction.

You have to work with what you’re given and the following 11 tips to get and maintain an erection on command that can help you do just that.

Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #1.  Stay Cool

How to get hard fast and stay hard - stay cool

Stress is a real erection killer. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of sexual disorder such as erectile dysfunction. 

Studies have proven that anxiety, general worry and depression can contribute to the difficulty of achieving an erection. Given that stress increases blood pressure and cholesterol – which cause heart disease – an anxious man will have a lot of trouble getting an erection.

In order to get hard and stay hard, you have to reduce your stress level by engaging physical exercise, meditation or doing your favourite hobbies.

So the next time you plan your love-making session, make sure you take that “performance”  pressure off yourself.


Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #2.  Eat Like a Porn StarWays to Get Hard & Stay Hard - eat healthy diet

Healthy erections are fuelled by healthy diets. Avoid eating food that is too heavy or difficult to digest when you’re planning on getting heavy in the bedroom.

You want to eat the foods that are good for heart health such as low cholesterol, healthy fats, and food from the Mediterranean diet. Take a closer look at the supplements you’re taking too.

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Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #3. Master the Position to Maintain Rock-Hard ErectionsWays to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #3. Master the Position to Maintain Rock-Hard Erections

The proper position helps you get the most out of maintaining an erection. Gravity is your friend; being on top or standing improves blood flow for a better erection.

One position to try is with the woman at the end of the bed, hanging her legs over the end. This allows you to enter her from a standing position.

Also, a woman on top is recommended. This position doesn’t require muscle group to fuel. Therefore, improving the blood flow to the penis and keeping the erection alive.

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Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #4. Last Longer With Limited SensitivityEjaculation Guru - how to last longer

Wearing a condom is the main way to limit one’s sensitivity, and you should be wearing one anyway. Consider focusing on something else if you don’t need to wear a condom.

If you’re worried about losing control then take yourself away from the action mentally. Be careful though; you want to make your erection last longer, not lose it altogether.


Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #5. Get Some Helpful ProductsBoost my drive

There’s no need to worry if you’re having erection problems. Erectile problems are commonly linked to mental and physiological issues that aren’t so easily treated, but there are still some products you can use.

They may not solve the root cause of the problem, but they can help you get an erection in the short term. There’s no guarantee that products such as cock rings and sex pillows will work, but they can help in the short term at the very least.


Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #6. Manage Your Medicationsmedications causes ED

Medications for conditions such as social phobias, depression, anxiety, and OCD are becoming more common than ever.

Unfortunately, they can be bad for your erection and cause erectile dysfunction. Have a chat with your doctor if you notice erection problems and make sure that you aren’t being over-medicated.


Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #7. Keep your Teeth CleanWays to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip - keep your teeth clean

No, really, we mean it. Scientists have discovered erectile dysfunction and gum disease are connected. Given that gum disease is connected to heart problems and interferes with blood flow, keeping your teeth healthy means keeping your erections healthy.

It’s a connection you may not have realized existed, but we’re confident more men would care about oral hygiene if their dentists told them about this perk.


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Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #8. Hit the GymActivities Increase Testosterone Level Weight lift

Focus on abdominal exercises to help abdominal muscles maintain erections instead of holding your belly up. If you do have a big gut then it can make your “equipment” look smaller.

Having a good physique and being in good shape boosts your confidence to boot. This makes you more comfortable with your body, increasing your sex drive and making you want to have more sex. Kegel exercises allow you to give your penis a good workout too. There’s yet to be any evidence they can make your erections bigger, but they do make them longer.


Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #9. Avoid Masturbating Too Much

Erection On Command Porn Induced ED

Save the money-shot for the friend in your bedroom. Don’t waste it on your hand. It takes some self-control to do that, but we’ve got that, don’t we?

Most men can masturbate once a day without any potential sexual performance problems, but you should think about how you’re masturbating.

Going too hard makes your penis less sensitive, increasing the risk of issues during intercourse. Consider using a different masturbation technique if you really want to spank the monkey.


Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #10. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Too Muchhabits cause erectile dysfunction drug use

Smoking ruins circulation, and you need blood to be flowing freely if you want to have fun in the bedroom. That’s another reason to consider quitting.

Drinking heavily makes your penis numb and inflates your prostate, so you want to avoid doing too much drinking if you want to be doing a lot of lovemaking.

Ways to Get Hard & Stay Hard Tip #10. Use Your Laptop LessMale Using Laptop on Lap

This is one that might be a little surprising. You’re likely reading this on a laptop right now, and this could be having an effect on your penis.

The heat from your laptop – if kept on your lap – has been shown to damage your erections as well as your sperm count. Put it down on the desk if you’re going to keep using it.


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